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I suffered a massive brain injury and miraculous recovery when I was five years old. Questions stemming from my experience were the beginning of a lifelong dedication to studying the nature of consciousness. That interest intensified the more I understood. Over time and many years of meditation, I came to understand the origins of suffering and peace.

During this time I grew increasingly different from those around me and soon they appeared as strange to me as I do to them. I was in my 30’s before an experience in Budapest, Hungary occurred, during which it dawned on me that others around me were perpetually mistaking their thoughts for reality. It was shocking and took years to grasp.

Once I understood that others were innocently participating in their own suffering, I began meeting with them to share what I knew. Over time more and more people came and now a significant part of my life is dedicated to helping others to trade much of their suffering for greater periods of grace.

This awareness does not make me, nor would it make anyone else, into a perfect person. Healthy people are even less likeable to many because we do not seek to satisfy others, we seek to live authentically. We accept our faults and our strengths and allow others the freedom to be loved in spite of theirs. Without those conflicts we are free to enjoy the living of our lives.

I am not different. My accident was not the cause of my ability. Every human being can realize their fundamental nature and to come to profound peace. We do not need to acquire this as a skill, we need only relax into realization. Rather than being difficult, it is an intentional choice that is easy to make once we’ve been taught to see things from this new perspective.

I am caring for aging parents so that does affect my availability, but I am still meeting with new students, and my blog and social media feeds exist to further the lessons I cannot impart in person or through telephone sessions.

If you would like more information on how we can spend more time together in person or over distance, please feel free to send me a message here or through email at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com.

Thank you.


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  1. Are the quotes posters available for purchase? I am really trying to find “When I look into the eyes of an animal” 16″ x 20″ or 12″ x 14″ there abouts the horse or a siamese cat. I cannot find a print or poster for sale anywhere so far.

    1. I am working on something for that but it’s not done yet. If you stay tuned you’ll see a notice of those being available.

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