My Intention

Enlightenment isn’t an achievement, it’s a verb. And it isn’t hard–but learning how to get there does take some actual time and attention and few people seem to be willing to make time for that today. Instead of earnest efforts to understand challenging spiritual or psychological ideas, instead most people just skip over the ideas much like a rock they might throw would skip over the water. It hits the surface but it doesn’t make any use of the real depth of the water.

0 Relax and Succeed - Believe nothing no matter where you read itThe form this sort of drive-by psychology/spirituality often takes in the current age is with social media posts of various quotes. The problem is that I see lots of people posting these quotes all while they live lives that completely defy the quote, which lead me to conclude that people had trouble identifying actual wisdom even in their own time, let alone with a 2500 year old quote from another culture and language. And so this blog is an attempt to delve deeper into the quotes and ideas that I see shared via social media.

The posts are intended to be practical. I’ll be very direct. I’ve helped a lot of people and these principles apply as much to you as to any human being. You create your experience the same way the rest of us do. As long as you personally connect to my writing style, just reading the Blog should help raise and/or maintain your daily awareness

The blog is based entirely on my own experiments that stemmed from my accident. I have conducted those experiments from the time I was five years old until today. Everything in the blog is true in the sense that they’re all things that happened, but for privacy sake I’ll likely have changed how it happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who it happened to. It’s also likely that I’ll have combined and/or reassembled a variety of related events all with an eye toward making the lessons clearer.

If we avoid engaging our ego and choose instead to actively stay awake in our lives, we will experience and respond to the world with much more wisdom, grace and forgiveness.

If you find the lessons useful please share them with your loved ones. There is no reason for people to be suffering unnecessarily. The world is changing. The only question is when will each of us choose to transition away from the crippling restrictions of ego, and toward the freedom of our true, joyful, brilliant, nature.

I thank you for joining us here as we move together in that direction.

Enjoy your day.

peace. s

PS As a fellow artist people’s creations are meaningful to me. If you’re an artist and you see your work represented here without appropriate credit please do let me know as I will do my best to correct that.


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