My Intention

1 Relax and Succeed - Believe nothing no matter where you read it This blog began as a series of facebook posts designed to clarify common misconceptions about common spiritual or psychological memes that float around routinely on the internet. Those grew quite popular and increasingly lengthy until it simply made more sense to discuss the quotes in a blog.

I have done periods of answering questions, periods where I focused on narrative storytelling and the essay form as teaching devices, but due to various complications surrounding my ongoing care for my parents (one of whom has dementia) I am only now returning from my first break, and 2019 is still being shaped by my own life experiences. In short,¬†we’ll find out together what direction the blog will take for 2019, I only know that my original plan for last year will still need to be deferred for now.

Everything I write was and will be accurate in principle but little should be interpreted as literally true. With clients or friends I alter identities and events so much that they should be read as parables or essays with fictional examples. You’ll also find I will shift to using the most common language forms that people most often use when encountering these types of ideas be they from the world of woo, religion, psychology or even physics. I will use whatever metaphors people find useful, but what all the blogs share is my desire for them to be regular touchstones for your awareness.

Enlightenment nor mental peace is an achievement we cab hold on to, rather they are verbs we enact, so regular reminders of a variety of facets of awareness can be extremely helpful. Staying healthy isn’t hard to do once we learn how, but learning how to get there does take some actual time and attention. But without sincere efforts to understand challenging spiritual or psychological ideas, most are left to skip over the ideas much like a rock they might throw would skip over the water. It hits the surface but it doesn’t make any use of the real depth of the water. This is precisely why the quotes are often used to say exactly the opposite of what the person quoting actually meant, and why so many of us often struggle with the same challenges over and over.

You don’t need anything from me other than for me to show you a doorway. After that, if any of us avoids engaging in ego and instead chooses to actively stay awake in our lives, we will experience and respond to the world with all of the wisdom, grace and forgiveness we need.

If you find the lessons useful please share them with your loved ones. There is no reason for people to be suffering unnecessarily. The world is changing. The only question is; when will each of us choose to transition away from the crippling restrictions of ego, and toward the freedom of our true, joyful, brilliant, nature? Once you’re ready, the site is here and subscribing is easy.

I thank you for joining us here as we move together in in healthy directions

Enjoy your day.

peace. s

PS As a fellow artist people’s creations are meaningful to me. If you’re an artist and you see your work represented here without appropriate credit please do let me know as I will do my best to correct that.


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