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Management or Employee Group Training:

Classes are presumed to take place in a location provided by the business:

1-Day 6-Hour Courses:

2-6 people:

$1000 + 5% GST

6-50 people:

$1,500 +5% GST

50-1000 people

$2,500 +5% GST


Management or Employee Solo Training:

Sessions can be held in virtually any feasible location from in-office to restaurants, park walks or on a golf course.

$100 per hour +5% GST (pre-paid for a minimum of 10 hours)

$120 per hour +5% GST


“This program is excellent and I highly recommend it for virtually anyone who feels a need for positive change in his or her life. The learning transfer is remarkable, and the principles have had a greater effect on my than any other training of its kind. In fact, it has been four years since I took the course and I draw upon it more now than right after the course.”

Greg Ford
Founding Partner, The Headhunters, TalentClick
and author of Catch Them If You Can!




Business Services

The biggest difference between one organization and another is the management of the people and the staff’s personal management of themselves. Some of that will have to do with how good the hiring process is but most of it is about awareness.

An emotionally stable, inspired, energetic group of focused and empathetic people will make excellent use of cooperation and common sense. And that’s extremely important because a coordinated, respectful mental and emotional environment will always foster far more performance than a less organized and less supportive workforce with the exact same resources.

Managers and staff alike spend half of their waking life at work. Mindfulness is important. Your organization’s story is important. Because nothing improves an organization more than higher quality interactions between its people. It not only improves everyone’s daily experience–it has the added important benefit of reducing errors and improving productivity.

Whether you want to be a better manager or you want the most from your staff, making a big difference doesn’t take long. People find the learning process very enjoyable and the impacts are immediate. If you would like more information please feel free to call me at (780) 439-0341 or email