1347 Relax and Succeed - Anxiety can feel like drowning in thought

Anxiety is a mental state that we can change.

It only takes eight weeks to learn how to see things in way that drastically reduces the levels of anxiety we experience. That’s good for our lives and our health, because anxiety feels terrible, it complicates our lives immeasurably, and it releases damaging cortisol into our blood streams which damages our physical health.

Left unattended, anxiety can cripple our bodies, our work, our personal life, or, most importantly, our relationships.

But this is an issue that we can learn to manage quickly and effectively; I’ve helped people past this barrier more than any other. There is no other condition so ideally suited to this training because anxiety happens completely within our consciousness. By learning to better manage it, we can temper and end our suffering.

There are no Anxiety Management Training Courses currently booked. If you would like one to be arranged, or would like to organize your own group to have me present to, please email me at the address below.

Classes are traditionally 8 weeks of 2 hour classes but this format can be modified for specific groups.

Groups are small. Limited space available.
Email scottis@relaxandsucceed.com to reserve a spot.


I recently just took this class and I can’t thank Scott enough for the knowledge he shared that has changed my life. I’ve suffered from panic attacks for almost as long as I can remember and he’s taught me how to overcome them and it works! My on-again off-again good/bad moods are almost 100% good moods now, and I feel so much happier and at peace. Even my husband has noticed the changes in me. To anyone with anxiety, depression or a million other ‘mental health’ problems this is the class for you! To anyone not simply enjoying life, believe me when I say you can learn how.

Jewelry Designer, Manager