Mindfulness at Work

Inspiring the Best in Ourselves and Those Around Us

Every human being is more productive and effective when they feel great. Multiply the benefits of a positive, energetic attitude over any number of employees and the impacts will obviously be felt by any type of business.

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly investing in a model that teaches people the skills they need to effectively manage their own consciousness. By better understanding how we all process information into emotions, employees can learn to create an intentional mindset that supports a calm, sharp focus along with a confident, cooperative and enthusiastic attitude.

Mindfulness at Work teaches people to be:

  • more aware of the needs of the business and of their team
  • more effective at communication and human resource management
  • more responsible regarding roles and relationships
  • more creative and resourceful about solving and avoiding problems
  • more responsive to opportunities for themselves and others
  • more emotionally consistent and resilient to challenges
  • more energetic, positive, productive and even inspiring

The value of these qualities increases the further up the supervisory chain an employee is, with the greatest successes achieved when a group of employees form their own naturally cooperative, supportive and positive overall culture. At that point new employees are trained quite naturally by existing employees who lead by example.

By demonstrating behaviours that encourage respect, cooperation and personal responsibility, everyone reduces costs and daily negativity by cutting down on unnecessary internal and external friction. That creates a much more positive, enthusiastic and productive workforce which in turn reduces turnover.

“This program is excellent and I highly recommend it for virtually anyone who feels a need for positive change in his or her life. The learning transfer is remarkable, and the principles have had a greater effect on me than any other training of its kind. In fact, it has been several years since I took the course and I draw upon it more now than right after the course….”

Greg Ford
Founding Partner, The Headhunters
Author,  Catch Them if You Can!

The Process

Overwhelmingly employees find Mindfulness at Work to be an extremely accessible and even enjoyable course to take. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are or what your previous experience is. It is primarily a directed conversation that is actually a series of brain exercises designed exclusively for each participant.

By increasing a person’s awareness of their thought processes we increase their ability to react using the wisdom of good consideration, rather than unhelpful emotions. The importance of that ability increases with the importance of the decision.

Too many courses leave employees feeling great immediately afterwards but the impacts wear off almost immediately. That doesn’t happen in this type of course because this is not an explanation and lesson in a better behaviour, it’s a fundamental shift in a person’s understanding of how to focus their mind. Once this knowledge has been gained an employee can’t forget it any more than they can forget how to multiply numbers.

The Classes

These can be taught virtually anywhere and can be conducted during the employee’s time or during work hours. The course is a 12-hour series of one-hour sessions with the first session being two-hours. Employees attending all 12 hours will leave the course with all of the skills they would require to continue to develop their abilities on their own. Classes can be done in groups up to 20 or one on one.

(All-Day courses are also available and, while they are also very effective, the program does then extend to 30 hours (5 classes of 6 hours) and therefore better suits groups over 20.)

The Results

Stronger, more resilient employees with fewer needs who enjoy their work more and who display and share gratitude and enthusiasm with management, co-workers and customers and clients.

The Cost

12 hours for $1000 plus $50 in GST for a total of $1050 per employee payable in advance.

“I’ve paid for my staff to go through Scott’s course, not only to uphold my company culture and code-of-ethics, but to give my employees life skills that will help them be better individuals and workers for others and maybe themselves in the future. In a very short time—and starting in the midst of a recession—I have built Paintsmith Décor Ltd. into a six-figure business. I have an outstanding rapport with my clients, energetic and loyal staff, and most importantly freedom and passion in what I do. There is a better way to do business. And Relax and Succeed is how I achieved it.”

Amanda Smith
Owner, Paintsmith Decor


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