R&S Page - PTSD Recovery Training 1

Each of us has an identity that is comprised of a set of values, principles and beliefs. It is our histories and those perspectives that shape our reactions to the events in our lives.

Despite how they may appear, our reactions will be internally logical. And that logic is at the heart of why the work I do can be helpful to those suffering with PTSD.

PTSD is a logical response to extreme circumstances but often times we simply don’t have the distance or perspective to enable us to see the logic our psyche is using.

That lack of broader awareness can also leave us feeling uncertain as to how to behave in the present. Fortunately, once we gain that perspective we are far better off even though our external circumstances may not have seen much change. In fact, many of us feel considerably better as soon as we can see where we logically are, how we logically got there, and where we can logically go next.

There are ways to accept the reality of extreme experiences and their associated pain. By doing so, we can not only come to see our experiences in ways that do not cripple our futures, but we can even leverage them into increasing our overall resiliency in life.

Whereas some people find that self-help of any kind feels overly earnest, awkward or foreboding, talks between us are more likely to be fascinating, enjoyable, and deep. We can go toward the harder stuff if required, but enlightening, practical, a-ha moments can come from any kind of discussions –including highly enjoyable ones.

I am always available for a free initial consultation, and I can work as easily over the phone as in person. If you would like help managing your thoughts, your consciousness, and your life, please feel free to contact me at my email at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com or leave a message at (780) 439-0341.

$120 per hour


$1,000 for 10 hours

Please Note: Both of my parents served in WII. Their service and the reasoning behind it has largely shaped my own values. For this reason, I offer a special discount for Veterans and First Responders. This is my small way to say thank you to those of you who face very real risks on behalf of us all.