The Friday Dose #27

The Friday Dose is a collection of cool, interesting and surprising things that are chosen for their potential to distract you away from any painful thought loops that may currently be disrupting your sense of perspective. Enjoy.

Today’s Dose is all about the sort of conceptual art that bends your brain and really gets you to see the world in a new and different way. This is my favourite part about art—I love the way it can use its perspectives to allow us to see things we normally miss, but that the artist themselves do not. It’s almost as though they have magically slowed the world down so that we can see the everyday magic that they do.

437 Relax and Succeed - Slinkachu - Wet n Wild

This first piece is called the “Little People Project,” and these little dioramas are tiny pieces of street art intended to encourage city dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings, and of themselves. I like how they also make some social commentary, like the family who is so focused on living a life of luxury and enjoyment that they fail to notice that their financial future is heading right down the drain, or the smoker who must face how much he actually consumes in a lifetime. Good art makes you think and every Slinkachu piece challenges your beliefs about something you take for granted. And even if you aren’t one of the people represented, just imagine how you’d act if you knew this artist was working in your city. Wouldn’t you be walking around less in your own head and thoughts and more on an awareness of the outside of you? And even if this artist wasn’t working in your city, what kind of treasures might you find if your mind was less engaged with talking to itself about itself, and more engaged with noticing what’s going on around it:

Slinkachu – Little People


437 Relax and Succeed - Giraffes by Jan Pelcman

This… this just makes you want to hug and cuddle:

Cute Animal Parenting


This is, quite simply, an extremely clever use of light, shadow, music, dance and performance:


[vimeo 19348564 w=700 h=393]


The world is a fantastic, varied, wonderful and amazing place. If you’re spending too much time inside your own personal thinking, then maybe it’s time to get healthier by spending less time on trying to be healthy and more time on just engaging with your own interests and natural passions. Life is not for working hard, life is not about getting ahead. There is no getting ahead. I’ll tell you how this ends for sure: you die. So go live in the meantime. There’s too much life out there for you to spend your entire existence trapped inside your head bouncing around in between your own fearful or limiting thoughts. Live your life by exercising your freedom to choose the experiences which bring value to your life. This is the ultimate expression of your individuality. Enjoy.

peace. s