The Friday Dose #49

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Welcome to the final Friday Dose of 2014. Thanks for your emails and calls and messages about The Dose throughout the year. I’m glad you find these distractions are helpful as you seek to alter the course of any counter-productive or unnecessarily painful thinking you are doing. Today we’ve got a fascinating mixed bag. We’ll start off with something really cool. There are some advantages to studying the human brain from the inside rather than the outside, so here’s a little prediction for you from my perspective: in the future this story here turns out to be a much, much bigger deal than it currently appears to be:

Researchers Discover How To Control Genes With Brainwaves


Next we’ll throw a life preserver to all of those parents of teen girls who are going through a massive hormone shift that is even crazier for the girls than it is for their parents. There’s a reason many cultures sent 13 year old girls away. And yet it is simply a biochemical aspect of growing up. They have to pass through puberty to get to adulthood. But it isn’t easy for anyone. But it can be easy-er. The hormones are the hormones and there will absolutely be wild behaviour swings. But this can be a time when bad relationships develop between one or more of the parents and the semi out-of-control teen. So this inevitable process is best met with compassion and as much understanding as we can muster. Below is a list posted on The Huffington Post. I found it quite comprehensive and would highly recommend it as worthwhile reading for anyone raising a tween or teen:

14 Essential Truths About Raising a Tween Girl


I’ve written about these subjects before. And let’s finish off with a heartwarming story about a new way to deal with dementia patients. With an aging population more and more of us can expect to be afflicted or related to someone who is. It’s no surprise to me that the latest innovation in compassion and effectiveness comes from the Netherlands. Below is a an interview that introduces a full documentary. I’ll put the promo below so you can get a feel for what the piece is about, and under that I’ll include the link to the full program. It’s pretty interesting. Especially for those struggling with these issues:




CNN World’s Untold Stories: Dementia Village

Thank you for your time. Have yourself a wonderful day!

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The Friday Dose is a collection of cool, interesting and surprising things that are chosen for their potential to distract you away from any painful thought loops that may currently be disrupting your sense of perspective. Focus on these and change your mind. Enjoy.