The Friday Dose #70

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Welcome to the distraction that is the Friday Dose. This is where you can get your mind off painful thought loops by learning, discovering or enjoying. Let’s start off with an article from the New York Times about the nature of awe. In reading it, it’s interesting to consider the fact that when the original Hebrew name for God (Yahweh) was translated by the Greeks they used the word agape, which was their word for awe.

Why Do We Experience Awe?


Next we’ll have a look at the very cool artwork of Philippa Jones and Martin Hill, who use natural settings to create quasi-natural works of art. It’s a very original idea:

The Quasi-Natural Art of Philippa Jones and Martin Hill


And finally we’ll end off with some Joey Alexander. As impressive as some of the classical examples are, this kid seriously makes you question how the world works. Is it possible we’re all able to tap into superior knowledge and ability…?



Turn this weekend into the best weekend you can by turning toward things to be grateful for and away from things that frustrate you. Enjoy.

peace. s

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