A New Beginning

843 Relax and Succeed - Being in a hurry

Are you ready? We’re all going to make the slow-motion resolution. We’re going to undertake a weekly series of easy, enjoyable practices and meditations that will increase our peace and awareness, and from that place other changes will start happening naturally.

These exercises will be designed to be manageable for your life and for the most part they’ll also be fun. Mondays I’ll set out the meditation. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’ll offer a relatively short discussions to expand on the original idea and Thursdays will be reserved for any announcements.

(I need to drop a writing day to create more time to work on the books that are being edited.) On Friday’s I’ll still put together a Dose but it will change slightly in structure.

To start this week’s meditation tomorrow you’ll only need three things. A notebook and something to write with that isn’t a keyboard. A pencil or pen –it has to be tactile. Then figure out when your quiet time is.

It is preferable that this process is done first thing when you wake up, while your mind is still clear and you can intentionally establish its awarenesses for that day.

843 Relax and Succeed - If you know me

As you achieve more peace you’ll sleep better, have more energy and you’ll naturally eat better. So get your book and pen, find your time and tomorrow we’ll start. This will be a gentle easy year-long process, so if you have friends that also want to make big changes then this is the time. Share this with them and they can start with the rest of us.

Once you see that most of what’s holding you back is your use of your consciousness you’ll simply and easily make the shift toward a better quality state of mind. It isn’t hard when you know how to do it and learning to do it isn’t hard either. It just takes practice.

As you start to shift you’ll also positively impact most of the people who deal with you every day and if you have mammals as pets they’ll pick up the difference too.

This is all about mental health, spiritual development and the maximizing of our potential. You all have an amazing amount to offer this world. I’m thrilled to think what the world will look like when we’re all pointing our fantastic energies toward making our lives and the world much better.

843 Relax and Succeed - Our deepest fear

Feel as you may about Kanye West but I agree with him when he suggests that people  should stop telling him he isn’t special when his life proves he is. Those people would be wiser to ask themselves what might happen to them and their life if they too earnestly felt there was greatness within them.

Life isn’t about us starting off broken with some obligation to fix ourselves. We’re here to grow. There is no need to attack who we have been. That person did the best they knew with what they knew. But let’s take this year to find peace and inspiration.

Do these meditations. Then be bold: say yes to invitations until you find people and activities that feel good to be around. And then trust your feelings and pursue them. It won’t remove all the pain from your life –every life has pain. But as long as the rewards are far greater it just doesn’t matter. We can have a wonderful life. So let’s go get it.

I’m really looking forward to this. Happy start to your year everyone.

peace. s