The Reincarnation of the Relax and Succeed Blog

Happy New Year. In fact, let’s make it happier by ensuring that you are grasping the degree of control you have over your own consciousness. With a new year comes a re-creation of my Blog and it is specifically designed to help you to discover and maintain that control. This reincarnation will be most valuable to those people who have trained with me, but even if you haven’t, if you read it regularly I can guarantee that what I write will make sense in your own experience, and it will lead to you having a much more enjoyable life. And I’d like that result just as much as you.

Relax and Succeed - BU Believe nothing no matter where you read it - FG Emerald LakeMy original Relax and Succeed Blog was an attempt to answer one key question that I get asked about more often than I care to recount it, and that is; how did I come to know what I teach? That required me telling my own story, but before I got through half of it I got bored with writing about myself and so it remains somewhat unfinished. In a moment of poetic grace, at about the same time many of you were writing very grateful emails regarding what you’d learned through my Facebook posts. Serendipity struck.

On my Facebook Page I began by simply by posting memes I thought were useful. Occasionally I would add a little further illumination on the idea expressed. Then I ran into some that I felt fostered an unhealthy view and so I wrote more extensively about those. Those very naturally evolved into the comments that are now routinely associated with my Facebook Timeline Posts. Those comments effectively became a Blog of sorts.

My Facebook Page will now return to something closer to its original intent and for 2013 I will shift this Blog to focus on those Meme Lessons, (I’ll re-post some or all on Facebook). In the stories or cases I use in any of my lessons, always know that whether it’s about clients, or my family, friends, co-workers, or students, etc., I’ll change the names and details to ensure privacy and to craft the most ideal teaching example from the many I’ve witnessed. The point will always be the lesson.

If you’re wondering what the original Blog said, it basically explained how a very serious brain injury, writing for movies and TV, and a Hungarian epiphany lead to me accidentally having all of the skills required to guide others to important realizations about the true nature of reality. If you want to know what the epiphany felt like, I would suggest watching the video at the end of this post. I have no idea if I had a stroke or not, but the culmination of Jill’s story is a better description of what I experienced than any I’ve ever given.

If you’re like a lot of people I believe you will find the posts quite helpful, particularly as a group. I’ll certainly pour my heart into them. And if you sincerely endeavour to do as I suggest, you’ll end up continuing to do it simply because it works. It’s a Truth all human beings share. It is our Common Sense. And I thank you for joining me to learn more about it.

Enjoy your day. By choice.

peace. s

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