Relax and Succeed TV: Comfort With Discomfort

1442 Relax and Succeed - A time for change

Welcome to the first instalment of Relax and Succeed TV.

As Kierkegaard said, life can only be understood backwards,  but it must be lived forwards. So we often get exactly what we’ve asked for in life, but we rarely recognize it because these gifts often come in forms that we can strenuously object to. The current COVID-19 pandemic crisis is an example of that.

Strangely, along with its horrors, the current crisis is delivering many of us the chance to hit reset at a time when most of us were screaming that we needed a reset for both our own lives, and of society in general.

We wanted climate action, jobs and meaningful work. There were concerns about wage differentials, too little time for families to spend together, and how politicians couldn’t find ways to work together. Now each of these issues will be faced out of immediate necessity.

This crisis can and will provide us with many opportunities to accelerate both our societal and personal agendas for change and improvement. If we keep our eyes and hearts open, we will come out of this ahead.

One of the most important ways we can personally benefit is by getting more comfortable with discomfort. That’s what this first rambling, conversational vlog is really about. I do hope you consider developing this skill. It’s one of the most important a human can have:

Thanks everyone. I wish you and your loved ones the very best. Stay healthy.

peace. s

PS If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email at Also, watch the facebook page for additional video check-ins as a part of my efforts to help all of you make it through this as best we can.

PPS By the way, I saw countless ways to edit and ‘improve’ this. It was a good exercise in letting go, to have you see work I’d normally refine a lot first. I’d do that refinement out of respect for you. But at the same time, that sense of refinement can also serve to only make others feel more inadequate when they are not. In reality,  in a variety of situations we’re all inadequate, but only the time for corrections or repairs by others can create that impression. So let’s take that lesson and build off of it. 🙂