The New You

People are always telling me about how bad their life is. What they mean is: so far they have made the kinds of choices that have lead to a life that wobbles between unpleasant and tolerable, with occasional spikes into worthwhile and deeply rewarding. But you can spend way more time intentionally feeling much better about your life if you know how.

550 Relax and Succeed - You are not directedThe mistake people make is that they spend most of their lives wishing for a different and better situation than they’re currently in, and they justify that useless fantasy by telling themselves that it might have really happened if your past had gone differently than it did. Well your past didn’t go that way so—as I’ve said before—if you’re aunt was a man she’d be your uncle. There’s no point in discussing ifs. It’s what is that counts.

So imagine there’s a bunch of different souls of you, and they take turns running your current body through the universe. So imagine we’re at soul three, going into four. (the Dalai Lama’s at 14!) The old soul—the one that has the endured the most recent experiences and that has collected the the most recent wisdom—s/he leaves the body and the new you jumps in. BAM. You’re suddenly the physical, live version of you for the very first time. It’s all new to you. Really basic stuff would be fun because it would be just like your first time. It would be like being each previous version of you for a short while before you caught up to who you are today. Hot, wet, funny, celery, dogs. It would be amazing to experience those things with five senses for the first time again. But the best part? Each successive soul leaves their wisdom behind! I know! It’s crazy what a great deal that is but that’s what happens. You step in fresh and you get all of their knowledge, wisdom and experience. Get ready to rock.

Can you imagine that? You’re free. Clear. Yes, you have those memories within your brain, but the old you doesn’t hang around to explain your history because all you really need is the wisdom. So you would just move forward with clear-headed, open and aware innocence. You’d be a genius. And you always can be. You just have to shut down your judgmental, opinionated mind and stop returning to/recreating past dramas in your imagination. Your past is not now. It’s what you do now that will build your future. So don’t waste that opportunity by lamenting where you wish you could have been or on what might have happened. Instead fully live the life you’ve chosen so far, but do it more wholeheartedly. See it for what it is: an opportunity to be alive. You’ll realize what a privilege it is when you feel your death approaching.

550 Relax and Succeed - Go quiet with genuine faithEach morning, step out of bed and remind yourself that these are early days for this new you. Feel the surfaces under your feet. Smell the air. Make eye contact with pets as though you’re truly getting to know them for the first time. Taste your beverage like you’ve never had liquid in your mouth before. Be fully alive. Remind yourself that you have been asleep, your predecessor has departed and you have awoken into this life. There is no need for historical thinking. You can simply move forward with a quiet mind in the present moment, and if you feel compelled to think about anything, it’s your future.

Your past does not dictate how well your life will turn out. It is moment to moment decisions that ripple out into effects on a moment to moment basis. So your future isn’t mapped and decided—your past is irrelevant. Just be in the moment you’re in and make the choice that feels right. Because this new you has nothing else to go on but feel. So go for it. It’s a lot less work than all the guessing and planning and speculating and worrying that you were doing before. And it will leave you more aware and awake to enjoy the incredible life that will come from trusting yourself. Because in the end, where you end up matters way less than who’s present when you get there. Have a great day.

peace. s

Other Perspectives #20

408 Relax and Succeed - How people treat you


I’m a big fan of Wayne’s but let’s be cautious here. The terms “their” and “your” are tricky here because in the world of karma there are no individuals, there is merely experience. Some experience creates warm and inviting karma and the other creates the opposite just as Yin and Yang would dictate. And yes, it is your little aspect of the universe that is spinning this karma, but it isn’t just for you to experience, it’s collective. So it’s not a matter of what comes around goes around, it’s more like we’re all in a pool together so please don’t pee. If you want to know more check out my Karma Shmarma posting.

peace. s

Note: Everyone who posts or shares a quote does so with the very best of intentions. That said, I have created the series of Other Perspectives blog posts in an effort to prevent some of these ideas from entering into people’s consciousness unchallenged. These quotes range from silly to dangerous and—while I intend no offense to their creators—I do use these rebuttals to help define and delineate the larger message I’m attempting to convey in my own work. I do hope you find them helpful in your pursuit of both psychological and spiritual health.

Scott’s Favourite Blog of 2013

267 Relax and Succeed - Can you rememberI find it challenging to listen to people running themselves down because all I see is beauty and amazingness. This blog post was originally written in response to me having listened to a student one day. We were just starting the process and she felt alone and unworthy and lost. And so I reminded her that there are no such things. These are merely stories well tell ourselves. We simply are where we are and we’re doing what we’re doing. All that judgment is just fluff in our consciousness. All I did was help her to quiet that internal narrator and in the ensuing silence she felt naturalwhich is to say: fantastic.

I was disturbed by the distance in her consciousness between her actual Being and her sense of herself. So when we got off the phone I immediately sat down to write this. And as soon as I was done I knew that it was—in my own view—the best piece of writing I’ve ever done on what is a very slippery subject for any kind of language. I believe the metaphors here are clear and concise and that virtually anyone would benefit from meditating on the ideas it contains. It was a pleasure writing it and I certainly hope you find it a pleasure to read. I know I’m very pleased to offer it to you as my personal favourite for Best Blog of the Year. Enjoy.

The Soul Kitchen

Do you feel guilty? Do you have regrets? Do you wish you could have done better? Do you wish you were different?

74 Relax and Succeed - The mind that perceives LimitationsLook at how disrespectful you are. The massive, roiling, infinite soup of the Universe assembles you from trillions of cells, made from trillions of atoms, made of trillions of Higgs Boson’s—or whatever metaphor you want to use—and you use the voice you were given to say back to the Universe, “Sorry, but this is weak work. You created a ‘faulty’ person that should change before it’s allowed to exist in peace. I’m sorry, but I cannot be happy with this sad state of affairs.”

Well now, aren’t you bold.

Imagine you are in God’s / Nature’s / the Universe’s kitchen—the place where the Universe comes into Being. Imagine that All-That-Is, is in fact a large pot of soup on God’s stove. This soup contains all that ever was and all that ever will be. Everything that exists in the space-time of the soup is always just reconstituted soup, just as the atoms that make up you are in fact bits of old stars and galaxies. You aren’t so much “You” as you are a collection of other bits that are currently cooperating to Be you. And when you die your personal thoughts will subside and the bits that are “you” will return back to the Universe to be reconstituted yet again, like ink returning to an inkwell, ready for a new story to be written.

Can you see in this analogy that it’s sort of silly for a little piece of the soup to suggest that it doesn’t belong or that it doesn’t fit in? What does it think “it” is? Does it think the cook can be wrong? This soup will be made for all of eternity. What exactly would define wrong in that sense? How can soup that’s all made of one ingredient have parts of itself suggesting that other parts of itself are wrong? You’re hilarious with your thoughts of separateness.

T267 Relax and Succeed - Love is the bridgehere was a terrific guru named Sydney Banks who passed away a few years ago. Syd was a wonderful man and like most true Guru’s he had his own unique way of imparting the universe to others. The Buddha talked about illusion, Lao Tzu talked about the Flow of Tao, Jesus talked about a lack of judgment, Abraham-Hicks talks about Belonging, Eckhart Tolle talks about Now, I talk about reality, and Sydney Banks talked about Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. Using this last metaphor, let’s look again at our soup.

Mind would be the soup itself. Everything is made of Mind. All that ever Is begins with Mind. And we could define our Consciousness as the ability to freeze soup. Consciousness can freeze the soup into anything. It’s not frozen soup itself—it’s the actual ability to freeze reality. It’s the act of freezing.

So it can freeze Soup into soft curvy shapes or it can shape Soup in to sharp angular ones, but the act of freezing doesn’t differentiate or judge—it simply freezes into existence whichever Thoughts you choose to think in your Now. Thought is what chooses the shape you freeze yourself into. Read that again: you take the open, infinite possibility of the Mind-soup, and you use the ability of your consciousness to freeze parts of the soup into whatever you “think” is you. So there isn’t so much a “You” as there is a part of the soup that’s currently frozen this way or that way, and it’s frozen that way by your thinking.

I’ve traveled a lot around the world and don’t take many photos, but when I look back at old photos I do have, I’ll often see “myself” frozen into a shape that I no longer am. Younger versions of myself entertained different thoughts about the world. The me of today would have a shape that would conflict with the me of yesterday. But the conflicts are irrelevant because it’s all Soup. What’s important is the fact that I used my consistent ability to freeze-think myself into existence and over the years I’ve chosen different shapes. Those shapes were who I said I “was.”

267 Relax and Succeed - I am not what happened to meDo you see how cute my identity is? This soup will be cooked for eternity. Eternity. Does it seem sensible that our little frozen part of the soup should imagine that it’s somehow wrong or faulty or otherwise undeserving of being a part of the soup? And which version of me gets to be the ultimate judge of the other versions of me?

Think about this some more. That frozen bit of you-ness is just the Soup of Mind, frozen by Freedom of Consciousness into the Identity and Experience of Thought. So the little ice-you that is made of soup is floating in the soup it’s made of and what it’s doing as it floats is it is telling stories to itself about its separateness—its aloneness; its desire to be reunited with The Soup. And it does this all while Being soup itself.

You have never been separate. You have never been alone. You have never been wrong or undeserving. You have merely thought all of those things. But when you stop your busy personal thinking what do you think happens? Do you cease to exist? Or do all of the parts of soup that came together to Be you simply melt back into the soup? That melting is in fact the act of connection. It is a meditation.

You are Enlightened every time you lose track of time. You do that because you are simply Being Soup rather than thinking yourself into a state of seeming separateness. In the end it doesn’t matter what shapes the soup is frozen into—it doesn’t matter if it’s frozen into peace, or into war, into marriage or divorce, into success or failure it’s all The Soup. It includes all Yin and Yang. But the important part is that The Soup is always The Soup. So stop trying to change it and just start tasting it instead. Because there was never anything wrong with the soup and so there can never be anything truly wrong with you.

Enjoy your day. You can’t go wrong.

I love you. s

Scott McPherson is a writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Karma Schmarma

I know it will appear to many people like I’m disagreeing with ideas I’m actually not disagreeing with, but I’ll risk that because I also want to clear up some confusion I hear regularly shared between people. I’ll often hear people guilelessly using Christianity to warp an Eastern philosophical concept into something it’s not.

It is best not to think of Karma as being “what comes around goes around.” It is not about retribution. Nor is it about someone getting a reward. I know some say it’s about a soul stepping up in consciousness and I don’t completely disagree with that description, but that definition inadvertently encourages a sense of a separate you, and that kind of definition has that separate you going somewhere either good or bad in terms of your spiritual development.

That idea of separateness, and a goal that you would have to get to is still a very ego-based humanistic view of the universe. Karma is a principle that carries out its effect in the energy-state that exists as the foundation for the human state. At that foundational level there is no distinction between this person and that person. There is simply negative energy or positive energy and each requires the opposite to exist.

Karma exists within the tradition of oneness, so there aren’t separate parts to feel the pain of retribution, nor the pleasure of reward. It’s not like Dalai Lama #14 was all of the exact same atoms or particles that Dalai Lama 13 was. If that seems like a paradox then there’s your lesson. The dreamer is the same—the universe. The dream is the same—the Dalai Lama. But this is not the same dream as the previous dream. Do you see? That is reincarnation.

We are all One. If one gets hurt, everyone hurts. Okay, so if “what comes around goes around,” doesn’t represent Karma, then what does?

Simply put, Karma is more like, “we’re all in a swimming pool together. Please don’t pee.” It’s not that the negative energy will impact the person who sent it out—that might be the case. Clearly there’ll be more pee near the person peeing. But it’s no guarantee they’ll be affected most. And no matter what, the pee is out there for all of us now.

How does this manifest in real life? It’s this easy: A jealous man accuses his wife of cheating just before she leaves for work. They fight, and she arrives at work where she takes out her frustrations on a junior employee for a minor mistake. Because he respects his boss so much, he’s crushed by her anger and on his way to lunch he is thinking too much about that and not enough about driving and he ends up in an accident. This is the cause and effect chain. So don’t pee in the pool if you don’t have to. That’s how a butterfly starts a hurricane.

The nice thing is, this God/Universe pool naturally cleans itself, so the individual souls/consciousnesses just have to pee the least amount possible and the pool will be as clean as it’s able to be. But remember, it can never be completely clean because people just need to pee sometimes. And if we can accept that, that’s just fine. Because Yin will always need Yang to exist.

Enjoy your swim.

pees. s 😉

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.