Egos and The Great Unknown

1051-relax-and-succeed-dont-look-for-me-in-human-shapeMy students/clients see me for one of two reasons; for psychological struggles and for spiritual growth. Part of the problem is that everyone gets taught to see our spiritual selves as separate from our psychological selves. In truth one is a product of the other, as ego is to soul.

They’ve recently been doing a lot of brain research and after all of these years they are now finally serious conversations by neuroscientists regarding the idea that our consciousness may not be a product of our brain but rather it may be a separate entity, as-yet undefined by science, that has a relationship with the brain but is not the brain itself. You’ll often see me referring to the electricity in your brain as being separate from your brain and I mean the same thing. The trick is there’s no words for some of these things and in a way we don’t want any.

Words are symbols and can be assembled into narrative stories that lead us to have emotional responses, but those responses are not reality, rather reality allows you to see your actions as both being from an individual, and the actions would exist within some kind of logical framework.

1051-relax-and-succeed-the-moment-i-am-awareYour spirit is a strange thing that is both small and immense at the same time. The reason that can be true is that it is simultaneously you and yet you are just one tentacle of the Universal Octopus; a beam of light from the Great Universal Mirror Ball. Everyone thinks that’s what they want: Enlightenment. But it’s not, trust me. Even if you get it you’ll immediately know you don’t want to stay there. Can you imagine it’s boring in a way?

Imagine feeling like God. That’s Enlightenment. But that all-powerful feeling that goes with that all-powerful energy in that all-powerful non-space is doing everything, and everything at once is like trying to watch every channel at once. Lots of it can be amazing but it’s not very enjoyable.

The individual seemingly linear lives that we lead are just the universe weaving paths through itself. You take the sense of infinity and you filter it into a world using some base concepts which also live within infinity. Once applied, they become like the six formulas that essentially describe our entire universe. That’s our “space” as humans. That’s our realm. That’s somewhere we can build a narrative track. We can appreciate our three dimensions but others we can only prove; we can’t experience them directly.

1051-relax-and-succeed-we-are-the-witness-through-whichThe problem has been that you want to control your character through the TV and you can’t do that. You can’t deal with a post-thought world and expect to accomplish anything except for when your ego happens to go the way you wished it would. But even that’s fine because the ego-world is where there’s up and down and winners and losers; that is like the playing field and those formulas are the rules and from there we’re free to roam, but it’s important to keep in mind you’re the actor not the role.

You’re not actually on TV, that’s a character. You’re the actor back in a studio performing that character. The rest is a transmission, reception and interpretation. Any good actor is fully invested in their role, so in relation to the other characters in this play called life, you can all take the words in the script literally. But once a performance is over it’s important for the actor to drop character and just be themselves, lest they go crazy.

You don’t have to figure everything out. You can’t. It’s too huge. Relax more. Just observe. Others. You. Just observe the game. Trust me, you’re part of the Great Void as well. You have unimaginable wisdom within you if only you’d quiet your thoughts so that you could hear the universe.

Go ahead. Genuinely try to win your life-games. But do not mistake that for your larger journey, for that would be like taking the entire life of an actor and reducing it down to a single role. You’re much bigger than that. Have a great day.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.

Universal Secrets

You think you’re so important. You’re waiting for the universe and all of its secrets to be revealed to you. You want to know. You want to be sure. You want to be able to predict when and how and why the good and bad things happen so that you can align yourself with the good things and avoid the bad things. That’s what you want.

477 Relax and Succeed - The universe is under no obligationAt least that’s what your ego wants. It thinks it wants to know everything. It thinks it wants all happiness and no sadness, but that is like saying you would like all happy songs and no sad ones. You know that’s not true. In fact, if you got that, eventually you’d grow to hate the happy songs. You’d violently destroy them as soon as anyone tried to play one. But why? They’re happy songs?

Happy isn’t a thing unto itself. Happy is a judgment about something. So a song can have happy lyrics and a pleasant upbeat and you can still find it depressing. You can still judge it as bad. As we know, most Western teens go through a dark period where they absolutely love songs that are all about death and anger and morbid things. So happiness and sadness are like a filter you place over the world. The world is the world.

The filter is what the Buddhists call The Illusion. The point isn’t to make the illusion go away. The point is to see through it. To recognize both its natural existence and its flexibility. The world will cause existence to be, but we are the ones who are responsible for our reactions to that existence. This is why there are people who seem to have it all going for them and yet they are unhappy, while there are other people living in destitute conditions and yet they are gloriously happy. Do you get it? There’s a great lesson in that. Why are some of the destitute people happy when the rich ones aren’t?

477 Relax and Succeed - Live your songIt’s not that the rich people got the sad songs. No. They got the happy ones. They could afford to be safe and fed and pampered and luxuriated. It’s the poor people that got the sad songs. They got the fear and unfairness and the cruelty. So why are the poor just as likely to sing as the rich? Because it’s not the poor or the rich or who are happy or sad, it’s the people that want who are sad and the people who accept and show gratitude who are rich, whether they have money or not.

If you want your life and the world to be different than it is then you are doomed to live an emotional roller-coaster of dissatisfaction, frustration, anger and sadness. But if you accept that your life will include some mystery, and some sad songs, that acceptance will help create a great poignancy in the gap between the sad songs and the happy ones. By not arguing with that reality you can instead immerse yourself in it. And in doing so we realize that we never needed all of the songs to be happy ones. We just needed to be happy there were songs at all.

You don’t need to figure a bunch of things out. Not how to be enlightened, nor happy. Instead, just listen carefully to the world. It’s singing to you every day. All you need to be is quiet enough to hear it so that you can add your voice to the music that is the universe.

peace. s