Scientific Spirituality

The world is made of energy in many different forms. We see it as the physics in our weather, or in how our cream mixes with our coffee, or in the manifestation of our brain waves.

Then the elements of physics combine into the chemistry that forms 100% of the materials in the universe, including all of those in and around us, from bricks to blood.

This energy that was physics became chemistry that then combines yet again to become biology and matter. What were the elements from exploding stars eons ago, now forms the materials and energy that bring not only us to life, but we share that lineage and composition with everything around us, living or otherwise.

Made from the same materials, created in the same ways, we share an origin story that leaves us as literally One with everyone and everything. But our thoughts have difficulty accepting this scientific reality and so while living within that reality, we tell ourselves a story about our separateness.

Everything is energy. It’s why we can feel low, and then get good news, and it’s like we suddenly have more energy. It’s because the negative thoughts are like brakes. They use up energy. But positive thoughts remove the resistance and that allows our natural energy to flow.

Do not undermine your personal power with debilitating thinking. You are not someone faulty. You do not need to add to yourself. You need to remove your judgmental and limiting ideas about yourself so that you can exercise the full measure of who you can be when you are feeling confident and energetic.

That healthy person is always available to you. Don’t leave it to chance. It is time you started assuming that version of yourself more consciously. Stop fighting your weaknesses. It is time to ignite your strengths. You really are that version of yourself too.

peace. s