Thanksgiving Day Spirituality


Today is the Thanksgiving Long Weekend in Canada, so today I’m featuring a re-blog that may prove valuable as normally independent people find themselves spending concentrated time together.

May you too have a productive day at finding reasons to be grateful for the graces of the universe. Enjoy:


Day to Day Spirituality

Seeing Ourselves Without Judgment

1351 Relax and Succeed - Can you look without the voice in your head

Most Earthly communications toward either God or The Universe are generally requests. Desires to have a desire filled, the desire to have a question answered, or the desire to know something, or for something to begin or end. And the reason we can do that and not feel better is because, as the Buddhists note, desire is at the heart of suffering.

Whether we imagine a forgiving God or in a scientific but infinite universe, each of those at its heart features an awesome force that extends everywhere and includes everything. Most importantly to us as people; the lack of judgment is the same. It –God or the Universe– simply is. But it does not judge. (Egos do all of the judging for the universe.)

People who tilt toward the less religious and less scientific doorways into wisdom are often into secular spirituality, and that often leads them to be familiar with Esther Hicks.

As Esther describes it, her wisdom comes to her through a council of non-physical entities she refers to as Abraham. If we’re more on the scientific side and think that idea is crazy, we should remind ourselves that a Nobel Prize was won by a famous mathematician who got those award-winning formulas ‘from aliens.’

Whether the source is real, the result of a disorder, or or even a charlatan, we should care more about whether it’s good information than what the source is. In fact, many of the problems in society today stem from our desire to always trust some sources and never others. In reality we would be better to ignore making blanket choices based on what group we’re in and we should look at each piece of information on its own merits.

Whatever her ‘source’ is, Esther generally shares the same wisdom this blog does. But that’s not why I mention her.

She talks of ‘the council’ when referring to ‘Abraham.’ She describes them as a group of timeless, energy-based entities that not only completely lack judgment, they offer only love. Even if we don’t believe Esther or those notions, let us imagine such a council overlooking our own lives anyway.

1351 Relax and Succeed - I shall tell you a secret

Remember: ‘the council’ does not judge, it represents God and the Universe. They understand everything so well that everything makes sense to them. Rather that our lives looking like failures and successes or problems and solutions, they simply see rippling, beautiful water, off which our light sparkles and glows. And it makes them love us all the more.

Imagine them. They’re looking at you right now. They aren’t bothered by how much you weigh, or what you think, or what you do. They don’t care if you got drunk last night, or went back to an ex you ‘shouldn’t have.’ Even the things we can self-hate ourselves the most for –they love us for those parts too. To them it’s just water dancing. They love you. Unconditionally.

Now imagine you from their perspective. Imagine you at this moment, knowing what you’re internal ‘issues’ and external ‘problems’ are. But you have no judgment. You just see yourself like an ant in an ant-farm. You can’t see the thoughts, you just see the actions. You’re just watching without expectation or judgment. Can you see how earnestly engaging with this perspective changes how we view ourselves?

When we do this well, we can see that our dramas are in our heads and not in our lives. From ‘The Council’s’ perspective, they don’t see us as procrastinating or letting anyone down or failing, because we/they have no expectations. We are then just either working, surfing the web, masturbating, or looking in the fridge again. They understand that those actions are what the people we are being in that moment truly want for ourselves.

They know we want that because we are always free. No one controls our minds or bodies except us, we just sometimes use our freedom really blindly. This is why there can be value in checking in with our personal ‘Council’ every now and again so we can look down on our little lives and see them for what they really are.

Doing this well is really quite comforting, although you may find yourself often feeling silly about your dramas when you see them like an observer. But humility only comes through freedom, so even that is a good sign.

Each time we’re faced with a choice about what to do, we can imagine our own council watching us. Is what we’re doing what makes sense for our life, or is it merely an unconscious habit? Our council won’t judge us, but it will see our actions for what they are, whether we’re moving our life’s pursuits forward or backward.

We are simultaneously insignificant and infinite. Either way, either our problems are either too tiny to matter to God or the Universe; or those two things are so infinite that either can easily absorb our mistakes. Either way we can relax. And then we can succeed. Because the way this page got its name was that I noticed that everyone got those two backwards. They always think the success leads to the relaxation, when in reality it’s the relaxation that leads to the success.

Now go love your day.

peace. s

Day to Day Spirituality

291 Relax and Succeed - Can I call you back

As I’m ageing I’m more interested in using things like Buddhism. I want to calm my busy days down but I’m so busy I never get time to meditate or anything. Do you have any tips for finding time to be spiritual?

Timeless Seeker

Dear Timeless Seeker,

It may be worthwhile to begin by examining the unconscious assumption that our regular lives are separate from our spiritual lives. Doesn’t it make more sense to your soul that everyone’s spirituality would most ideally be alive in each and every moment?

It can be a powerful reality when we sense that our spirituality exists all around us, like some energy we breathe in along with air. If we’re alive, we’re being spiritual.

The only question then is, how conscious are we? Do we realize that our business dealings have a spiritual nature? The way we raise children and interact with friends is spiritual in nature. Even the way we drive is spiritual.

A lot of the issues we all struggling with are generated during those times in which we are perceiving our spirituality as being distinct from the rest of our lives. In reality, our lives are the spiritual manifestations of our internal intentions, whether we are conscious of that thinking or not.

The fact is, we all have ample time to be spiritual, we just have to understand spirituality in a different sort of way so we miss our opportunities.  For instance, it is a prayer to show patience. It is a spiritual offering to be generous. We are expressing love when showing heartfelt tolerance.

291 Relax and Succeed - If the only prayer you said

Tonight, in bed, rather than re-hashing our days or planning our tomorrows, we can instead choose to develop a quiet mind. We can be conscious and choose to meditate on the sources of gratitude that naturally exist in our lives. And that will reduce the stress we really feel. But we must intend for that to happen.

Kindness, friendship, compassion, appreciation, laughter, joy, creative work and especially love are all very spiritual acts. Rather than thinking about other things while we do other things, we can be spiritual simply by investing ourselves completely in an act itself, rather than reserving some of our consciousnesses for judgment of that act or thoughts of some other place or time.

The only self-talk debates we should be having would be to self-debate/meditate ourselves out of a state of ego. If we want to use our thoughts to put ourselves back on track that’s fine, or to use self-talk to help to understand a spiritual concept —those are all worthwhile uses of the mind for meditation. But the rest is simply our egos judging and wanting and complaining about what is.

Rather than cove our spirituality into parts of our day, let us all endeavour to have our day emerge from our spirituality. Yes, it will feel odd at first to prioritize things like patience or assistance or generosity, but if that objective is in our consciousness we will act in alignment with it because the ways we act have always been the product of our thinking.

Things like a status, power or wealth are often enjoyable to have, but none of them are things that exist on a spiritual plane. There are no coffins with storage spaces for our reputations, titles or our money. They are things we have or control, but our spirit is who we are.

There are no coffins with storage spaces for our reputations, titles or our money. They are things we have or control, but our spirit is who we are.

An ego feeling good can be a very nice sensation. But it does not come close to the profound sense of satisfaction that comes from having our spirit’s presence being invested in helping us to fully realize who we fully are.

I do hope you will consider trading a daily desire for more awareness into the spiritual time you currently think you do not have. And if you do so, I wish you every good fortune in your meditation exercises. You can even make it a game, as you search out and identify more and more ways and times in which you can be consciously involved in your spirituality.

Let us be more consciously spiritual by allowing rushed people ahead of us in line-ups. We can work on being kinder, and develop healthier relationships with co-workers, or we can spend our lunch being quiet-minded rather than being on social media, getting busy-minded.

Rather nicely, your email to me, asking this question, is a good example of you enacting your spirituality. Now we all need to go do that with the rest of our days. Let’s all do less thinking and instead let’s focus on absorbing the world itself with what we perceive are our five senses.

Rather than the output of babble from our yakking monkey-mind, we are better to absorb all that is going on around us. If we pay enough attention, we will often find opportunities that others are likely to miss, including our opportunities to help their lives by simply providing the example of being ourselves.


peace. s