Any Given Moment

Your head comes to this piece of writing having already written a lot of your day. A lot of the thoughts you’ve had up until now will have habitually shaped you to be largely the same person you were every other day, including your list of ‘problems.’

Because we are so consistent in our thinking, others often come to know us (and we largely know them), primarily by how we each think about the world. We get a sense that one friend will like an idea and another won’t.

We know Jonathan is a worrier, Sara is a romantic, and Nick tries to see the best in things. And everyone reading this has friends that know how ‘we’ are. But there is no law that states that Jonathan can’t think like Sara. Or that Sara can’t think like Jonathan. We just don’t do that because we forget we can.

Well here’s your reminder: If your mind is on some idea and it has left you feeling angry, or sad, or delighted, or worried, this blog post is your reminder that you can change that train of thoughts. We can consciously choose to react more like a friend would.

Do accomplish this sort of change, instead of reacting as our usual, thinking ‘self,’ we can instead ask, ‘what would the person who succeeds at this do?’ And then we can do that, and be free of the trap of our thoughts.

If one person can have a certain reaction, then other brains can do that too. We just don’t. And the reason we don’t, is because our habits of thoughts feel so dense. They appear to prevent us from taking action, when in reality the barrier we perceive is our completely ephemeral, and changeable thoughts.

Do not place yourself in the jailhouse of your own thinking. Remember that any idea we have about ourselves, or anything else, is just that: an idea. If we change the idea, we change the thing or event. Once we understand that power, almost every situation can be seen to have value.

Considering all of this, what thought about yourself or your day will choose to change right now, just because you know you can?

peace. s