19-08-14 The Principles of Healthy Relationships

We need to know who we really are before we can know what will really work for us.

There are no Relationship Group Courses currently booked. If you would like one to be arranged, or would like to organize your own group to have me present to, please email me at the address below.

Classes are traditionally 8 weeks of 2 hour classes but this format can be modified for specific groups.

Groups are small. Limited space available.
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This course is designed to answer the following questions:

How do I know if I’m with the wrong partner?

How can I gracefully leave a bad relationship?

How can I improve a bad relationship without my partner’s help?

How do I avoid starting another bad relationship?

How do I find a good relationship with a partner I respect?

How do I maintain a healthy relationship with the right partner?

And what is the best way to engage with modern approaches to dating?

Being single, dating, being in a relationship –or making a healthy choice to leave one– can all be forms of demonstrating love and respect. Wisdom is knowing which people and situations need which versions of our love.

Each of the questions above can be resolved through a better understanding of how our emotional life flows and impacts our decisions about ourselves and others. That understanding is critical, because it is those principles that not only help us find the right people, they are the same ones that help us stay with them –or leave them if that’s best.

The sessions themselves often feel like a fascinating combination of conversation punctuated by interesting thought experiments designed to reveal us to ourselves. And because we are referring to principles all humans share, people are free to offer as much or as little personal information as they like without reducing the impact of the course.

In the end, a good approach to any aspect of any stage of any relationship is to earnestly respect the other person while not losing touch with our understanding and respect for ourselves. This course is about teaching people how to find that balance between ourselves, and those we love.