I believe that when you are ready for the teacher, the teacher will find you. This is exactly what I found to be true when I connected with Scott. It was a little bit of serendipity in hindsight. I was struggling with a very big decision in my life, a kind of life choice that has serious consequences. I was lost and confused. I took a chance and trusted my gut and took Scott’s course. Ironically we grew up in the same city, yet I’m a world away in Australia, yet I found clarity over the phone with Scott . One of the most pointed messages that has stuck with me is that he showed me that I am in control of my reality.  I have recommended him to my friends all over the world and am so grateful to have met Scott. He is truly … truly … one of a kind. Namaste Scott

Social Worker

In the two years since I’ve taken the course, I have never –not EVER– gotten nearly as depressed as I did before I took the course. I am no longer taking medication, I am no longer seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist and I feel stronger, happier and more like my self than I have since as long as I can remember

Meeting Scott and taking The Course very very literally saved my life. If I could assign a value to my life, then I would assign an equal value to what I have received from Scott and Principles Training.

Artist and Mother

I recently just took this class and I can’t thank Scott enough for the knowledge he shared that has changed my life. I’ve suffered from panic attacks for almost as long as I can remember and he’s taught me how to overcome them and it works! My on-again off-again good/bad moods are almost 100% good moods now, and I feel so much happier and at peace. Even my husband has noticed the changes in me. To anyone with anxiety, depression or a million other ‘mental health’ problems this is the class for you! To anyone not simply enjoying life, believe me when I say you can learn how.

Jewelry Designer, Manager

This program is excellent and I highly recommend it for virtually anyone who feels the need for positive change in his or her life. The learning transfer is remarkable, and the principles have had a greater effect on me than any other training of its kind. In fact, it has been four years since I took the course and I draw upon it more now than right after the course when I probably wasn’t sure how to process everything. Since then I have practiced the principles like any other type of training and I (and my wife) am amazed at how much happier, calm and content I am.

Author, Catch Them if you CanFounder The Headhunters, CEO, TalentClick

The training gets you in the Moment. It’s experiential. Unlike reading about living in the present, this actually lets you do it. It’s the difference between reading about swimming and taking swimming lessons. Have you read Eckhart Tolle’s books? It’s what he writes about. Unlike therapy, which challenges, Principles Training is pleasant, fun and you feel good after a session.


I have had psychological counseling to try and help me understand the ‘why me’ syndrome. I became more and more saddened as I kept re-living the experience of pain. The Principles of Human Experience has allowed me to live in the ‘NOW.’

Yoga Instructor, Mother to a Champion Child

First I would like to thank you for the chance to take this program. It has changed my life in a positive way. This program has taught me that if I abandon the things I think I know and just feel, then I am more likely to have a positive outcome. My thoughts only last as long as I think them. That is, if I stay relaxed and give my thoughts the time to clear, then I’ll have better insight into the situation.

We base a lot of what we do on what we think we know, but everyone is different so no two people are gonna think or feel the same. So this program has taught me to have an open mind and to stop relying on what I think I know and just relax and the wisdom will come.

I think this program changes lives for the better. I know it has mine. I’m a nicer person to be around and I know I stop and feel before I react. Scott was wonderful. Thanks a million.

Inmate (with a bright future)

As a parent, I see my children suffering in age appropriate ways rather than feel they are purposely driving me crazy. I am also more firm and less insecure regarding parenting decisions. I am aware of the fear I feel for them, but I am now less likely to have that fear dictate my actions.

Writer, parent

It shows you that it’s not what you did, or what you’re going to do, it’s what you’re doing that affects your life the most!

CNC Operator

“I’ve paid for my staff to go through Scott’s course, not only to uphold my company culture and code-of-ethics, but to give my employees life skills that will help them be better individuals and workers for others and maybe themselves in the future. In a very short time—and starting in the midst of a recession—I have built Paintsmith Décor Ltd. into a six-figure business. I have an outstanding rapport with my clients, energetic and loyal staff, and most importantly freedom and passion in what I do. There is a better way to do business. And Relax and Succeed is how I achieved it.”

Amanda Smith
President, Paintsmith Decor; Cleansmith Custom Cleaners

I remember trying so hard to explain to my fiance what I learned and how it works but I never explained it right. You really have to be a part of it to fully understand but after each class I felt so light, carefree. Happiness stopped feeling like something to be achieved. It is just a way of being.



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