Dustin Hoffman on Being a Woman

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Here’s a nice moment that helps us expand our consciousness. Dustin Hoffman discusses a revelation he had about an accidental lack of kindness. While I obviously didn’t come by it the same way, life prompted me to have the same realization and I felt much the same way—that I’d somehow been convinced to steal from myself in the worst possible way.

It’s a common thing to talk about how advertising is a thoroughly losing proposition for women. But maybe the men lost even more, by losing the women that they may have otherwise known.

If there’s one thing age teaches, it’s that beauty is skin deep. Avoid judging anyone on such a superficial basis. Because if you do, it is inevitable that you will miss out on a variety of wonderful life experiences.

You might want some tissues for this one:

Try to stay aware of this next time you’re out and about.

peace. s