If you’re looking to work with me I am based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but work routinely by phone around the world. You can reach me at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com as well as by phone at (780) 439-0341.

If you’re looking for the various resources I provide, probably the best source for searching for links and photos would be the Tumblr archive. Everything I do on social media is designed to be functional. Below is a brief description of what’s included on each feed, the logic behind it and a link to it. Enjoy.

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A mixture of quotes, reminders, fascinating links and videos as well as consciousness-expanding statements. The photo-quotes generally link to a Blog Post that is an extrapolation of the ideas contained in the quote. Sunday postings lead to the Blog-of-the-Week. If you’re looking to search for past photos or links Tumblr is your best bet. (Note: The Other Perspectives blog series contains quotes I’m providing warnings about, so those are not posted on facebook to avoid confusion.)


Maybe the most practical feed. In addition to being the first place a new blog post is announced (other than being an actual follower of the blog), these are unexpectedly-timed interruptions in the course of your daily thinking. They are opportunities for you to disengage from painful or otherwise unproductive thinking and to improve your skills at shifting to something better. This is a very useful mindfulness training tool.


Includes my personal pins too, but there are successive Relax and Succeed albums that include all of the photo-quotes from my Blog and Tumblr feeds. You’ll see each successive year numbered, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc. Pins not linking directly into the blog itself will track back past Tumblr to connect back to the appropriate post or Blog-of-the-Week. The originals of all photos can be most easily found on Tumblr.


With search tools by category and time, Tumblr is the best way to search all Blog photo-quotes as well as any additional facebook versions that aren’t rebuttals. Additionally it contains Sunday postings which lead to the Blog-of-the-Week.


The newsletters actually turned out quite nicely but now Social Media means I no longer really need one. I’m not sure. Maybe there’ll still be some a few times a year-ish if I feel the need.

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