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1296 Relax and Succeed - To live a great life

Fame, money and popularity are just as likely to lead to a person’s self-destruction as they are to equal a good or meaningful life. Despite our common drive to have those big identities, in many cases the most successful lives are those that happen quietly, in the background. Ours are likely some of them.

The greatest lives are lived by those who see greatness in others and greatness in the world around them –including themselves. It literally means they spend their lives surrounded by greatness and generally feeling great. How can that not feel good?

It’s important to note that a great life isn’t more fun or less trouble than other people’s lives. Instead, ‘problems’ and ‘mistakes’ are accepted as a fundamental part of the deal. That leaves the wise to focus instead on the wonderfully satisfied feeling that comes with relentlessly and confidently being ourselves and allowing others to do likewise –all while comfortably accepting the prices associated with us being us and them being them.

Examples of the sorts of quiet but internally great lives –the sort that have opened up universes of beauty for others– can be found by tracing a theory I’ve long had. That theory suggests that if we tracked backwards from the world’s greatest minds, we will often find the same teachers, or coaches or inspirations that many great people would have in common as powerful influences.

If you stop to think of your own life, there’s usually entire groups of kids who define a particular teacher as being one of the best they’ve ever had. It’s because those teachers are overflowing with their ability to see the world’s beauty in some particular way, and in sharing it they give others lifelong gifts that matter more than any other kind. We remember the people that gave us those.

1296 Relax and Succeed - Math teacher George Berzensnyi

This article features one of those visionaries. George Berzsenyi is someone who saw potential in others and he offered himself selflessly to them simply because he took so much joy from sharing the beauty he saw.

Whether this article drew attention to him or not, George would still have opened many wonderful doors for many people. And all of that joy and awareness was created directly through his sharing. That is a beautiful legacy. And what a win-win for he and the students –that sharing and that appreciation was how they spent their lives!

I know if it was film or TV I’d sincerely rather see a student I’d had win an award than to get one myself. That would likely mean they had seen the beauty I was trying to show them. I’d love to think I helped them see it, but the only really important thing is that they got to see it at all.

I feel the same way about this work. Everyone seems beautiful to me and I absolutely love sharing what I see in them, with them. It feels good when they see how beautiful they are, and how beautiful the people unfairly judging us all are –after all, we are all each other. If we learn to let that be, people struggle less with the world and they let it –and more importantly themselves– flow more freely, which naturally releases joy.

That being the case, let us commit to sharing our passions. If we don’t know what we’d share, let’s start figuring out why we don’t already know what that is and then seek the answer within ourselves, even if that means taking on some searching. Bottom line, everyone has wonderful things to offer. And the generosity feels good to give. So give.

It certainly does the world no good for anyone to withhold their light. Don’t hide yours. Shine baby shine.

peace. s

The Friday Dose #53

610FD Relax and Succeed - Alexa Meade Paints Reality

Today’s Dose is about amazing people doing amazing things. We’ll start off with artist Alexa Meade. And no, that woman is not holding anything. Alexa found canvas a little boring and so she decided to go out into the real world and she started painting it. The results are surprising and informative about the art of painting. That’s Alexa up there in the photo of her work. She done some amazing stuff. Have a look here:

Alexa Meade Paints the World


Next we’ll go to Lars Anderson. As a kid Lars started noticing a consistency in ancient paintings and hieroglyphics that featured archery. Lars learned that as the gun showed up and bows and arrows were seen as pointless, we lost an entire set of amazing skills that we’re completely capable of. Lars proves this by doing things you’ll think are impossible. In fact, Lars makes you wonder what is possible for human beings. It certainly seems that people like this are suggesting our limits as a species far exceed our imagination to pursue them. You really won’t believe what belief and a lot of practice has done for Lars:


Next we’ll head to more amazing people prodding us all to reimagine the world filled with bold and brave people all feeding off each other’s feats. Humanity expanding rapidly because through the web we can all see each other’s achievements and we can applaud them and honour them by doing something even more amazing. Human capability has changed enormously in my lifetime and I fully expect that to only accelerate. Who knows what kind of video I might be able to post here in a year or three… For now, here’s some inspiring, amazing and beautiful people:


And finally, just to bring your heartrate back down a bit, here’s one of the many cool ways that mathematics can represent the world. This is remarkably beautiful and meditative and in a way these structures are entirely natural, although the required humans to bring them into such sharp focus. They’re rather mesmerizing. Enjoy:

Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures from Pier 9 on Vimeo.


We all think of ourselves in far too limited ways. Stop telling yourself why you can’t do things, and start wondering if you can. Because you just never know what might happen if only you give it a shot. Have yourself an outstanding weekend everyone!

peace. s

The Friday Dose is a collection of cool, interesting and surprising things that are chosen for their potential to distract you away from any painful thought loops that may currently be disrupting your sense of perspective. Save these for when you’re feeling low and you want to change your perspective. They’ll help Enjoy. And please let me know if you bump into any broken links. Thanks!