A Life of Potential

To our brains and bodies, love is a narrative and some chemistry. But it’s a beautiful narrative for nature to have created, isn’t it?

Just think about it. Stars explode billions of years ago and spew out the periodic table of elements that then fly out, creating evermore universe in their wake.

As those elements flow out and congeal, they also combine into the chemistry that forms all inert matter, as well as life itself.

That biology for life then evolves from cells to small creatures, then on to larger. Eventually we are large enough to support a brain wired for presence. And eventually that brain and that biology evolve into the human species.

Then, human language and conceptual thought emerges from this package of star-dust that is ‘us.’ And, as we contemplate our place in the world, as the Nobel Prize Winner Richard Feynman noted, we become atoms beholding the wonder of atoms:

Today, we can use our minds and our language to tell ourselves romantic stories about where our journey from the stars has gone. And it is a beautiful story, no matter which one of us helped unfold it’s events within our own lives.

We are atoms, spinning thoughts through other charged particles within us, that are then converted into the atoms of biochemistry that then go on to shape our emotional life experience.

In the end, and considering all of these facts, all of this translates to the fact that ‘living well’ is all about how we use our consciousness.

Once we learn to to be more conscious and intentional about the mixing of the chemistry within our big bag of stardust, we can become more present. We can exercise more wisdom when it comes to building ourselves a rewarding life, filled with loving feelings.

Here, now, in our own present moment, we must never forget: we are stardust. And as such, we are forever filled with the remarkable potential to create any life, and to have any experience within it. Never say never.

peace. s