The Friday Dose #14 – Sweetness

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This Friday Dose is all about gentle smiles and life’s little pleasures. If we’re dedicated to paying attention to positive things we can rescue a bad day with very simple things. But we must give our attention fully to them. We can’t be looking at them and be just waiting for them to end so that we can go back to our angry, sad or frustrated narrative. If our consciousness really is on the video, then we should end it feeling more relaxed.

Like any Mom dealing with a nightmare, this little kitty knows just what to do to comfort her little one. It’s totally enchanting:

Take these nice feelings and carry them into the rest of your day. Keep the tone of your consciousness in your awareness. It’s easy to impact, you just have to be aware enough to do so. And often times simple little videos like these can completely transform the direction of your day. Don’t underestimate the power of positive feelings.

No go create yourself a wonderful weekend!

peace. s