The Friday Dose #80

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Prepare to be inspired. This video will do that. I write every day about realizing your true self and yet I recently realized that the reason the first 30 years of my life felt entirely charmed was because in a way it was. I was just trying to watch my own and other people’s thinking. What I didn’t realize is, that meant I had a detached view of myself. I was watching myself from an external perspective. It lead me to inadvertently treat my life more like a movie. I’d see something I was interested in and like a character I would move my little avatar toward that goal. Then–and now–when I operate the most in the flow of my most profound self–it’s like I am enacting the story of my own life.

That realization lead me to look for a video for the usual Friday Dose and I was shocked to find this first one. I can’t believe I haven’t run into it before now. But if you’re not sure you’re understanding what I mean about creating your own future, check Wise Joe Rogan out because this is exactly the point I wanted to make:

And if you found that inspiring, here’s a longer version to give you more nuance. Enjoy. And then go create yourself a great life because you are a great person.


Much love, s

Scott McPherson is a writer, mindfulness instructor, coach and communications facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.

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