Other Perspectives #78

746 OP Relax and Succeed - Never let anyone take away your happiness

Never is a big word. Like all of us, we’ll all accidentally allow at least a few people to get attached to our happiness, especially when we’re young. But we’ll learn that those attachments hurt, and so we do learn to avoid them.

If we do lose track of our happiness it’s important to ensure we’re still aware the fact that our attachments are what prevent our happiness. No one can force those upon is, so the attachments are not the other person’s fault, those exist within our thoughts.

No one actually has the power to take away anyone else’s happiness so this isn’t a challenge or a warning. It’s more a reminder: do not be attached, be attracted. We all definitely need to be sad or angry or worried or we won’t even be equipped to recognize being happy.

But we do not have to let other’s behaviour dictate whether or not we’re happy. They always have the freedom to leave our lives, but we also always have the option of what we think about, if they choose to do that.

peace. s

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