Slow for Improvement

1265 Relax and Succeed - Wonderful things will happen todayLife is filled with choices and one of the first ones we make is why, when and how we wake up in the morning. The slowest, gentlest awakening allows us to make a gradual shift from our sleeping state to our waking. Waking up at the last possible minute to a screaming alarm, means that the very first encounter that your mind has with the day is being startled into it with panic and demands. It’s not an ideal start.

If we’re tired a lot, rather than going to bed earlier, most people get louder alarms and shock themselves even worse in the morning. This exacerbates the problem when the real answer is to stop paying attention to schedules and days and time and try to pay more attention to how you feel. This doesn’t make you late if you do it right, it makes you flow. You have to have an awful lot of fun in those hours before bed before you’ll equal the life advantages to being well-rested for the entire next day.

Listen to your body when it screams for sleep. Adjust your life accordingly; don’t make it one of the many bricks you voluntarily take on that weight down your day. Even if you’re late, rushing is a compulsion but it’s generally not effective. We get out of our routine and we spend so much time getting mad at ourselves by forgetting things. That’s compounded by our own mapping out the consequences of being late, from traffic, to angry bosses, to the worst parking spot on the lot, that it just leads us to make more and more mistakes, which leads to more angry conversations when in the end the only cure would not be to fix the time but to fix your mindset.

1265 Relax and Succeed - May your choices reflect your hopesThe time you can’t change. Your approach to your day is always yours to choose. Breathe. Again: understand the value of how you start. Take a few moments to appreciate it. Don’t judge it, don’t give it weather or time or any other meaning, just wake. Then take a moment to collect yourself. You can note if you’re late that you’ll need to be efficient, but that’s setting an intention, not generating panic.

We’re not comparing ourselves to being perfect, we’re noting that our day will require us to be sharp, and so setting that tone consciously allows us to be doing what is appropriate rather than rushing to simply meet a schedule with no value placed on the mindset we arrive in. Can you see that harried days happen in your head, while the more focused ones are more of a verb; an action? We need to center ourselves over that action and not the words around the action.

In the end, most people’s lives are bad because they are completely unmanaged. People put far more attention into some trivial thing they purchase than they do toward managing their own days. Too often our lives aren’t coordinated or designed to create a rewarding life, they strictly meet the current tyranny of a clock.

1265 Relax and Succeed - The ego is nothing otherWe often still need to be places at specific times to coordinate our efforts with others, but that still leaves us with ample choices about our bedtime, our sleeping arrangements, and how we choose to wake up. Don’t let daily life experiences like that happen by accident and without consideration of how your morning can set the stage for a healthy day. Wake up gently, feel the qualities of a worthwhile day gathering, and when you feel enthusiasm for the day strike, that’s your time to move.

Don’t live out of blind habit. Take a moment in the morning after waking to simply assert to your being. What sort of day do you intend to extract from your daily events? Will you watch for their downsides or their upsides? You can always switch at any moment during your day, but no moment sets the right tone for a day like those first moments after waking. Spend them wisely.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

A Focus on Awakening

1223 Relax and Succeed - FocusIf all that you did this week was read all five blogs and do the small exercises in each one, you most certainly moved yourself closer to the most important goal we all face; understanding. The journey is taken in small steps. Becoming conscious isn’t difficult, but it does require us to very intentionally focus our attention on that development.

The video below is 5 minutes and 16 seconds long, with the spoken sections being something less than 5 minutes long. The video itself is of Alan Watts and it regards the fear of death and the idea of mortality. It’s a useful talk in that people fear death so much that they end up avoiding life, rather than diving deeply into life because one has fully pondered upon and accepted death.

Just as important as the subject of the talk is your ability to actually focus your attention for a mere 5 minutes. When you click “play” simply try to hear each and every word said by Watts. If your mind wanders, snap it back as quickly as possible. If your focus is good, you’ll have no trouble hearing every syllable. But if your mind wanders frequently, then working on that single skill will do more for your enjoyment of life than almost anything else. Because a truly rewarding life is always intentional on the part of the person living it.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

Restarting With Intention

1214 Relax and Succeed - I myself am made entirely of flawsI hope your summer’s were rewarding in many ways. As we come back together to grow and share, I’ve decided to experiment with a new mix of elements for the blog. There still will be my traditional essays, but I’ll also be adding some new approaches and revisiting some old ones in the hopes that they can help facilitate some very practical benefits in all of our lives.

Today we’ll start off by talking about starting off. The whole point of taking control of your life involves being intentional about how you live. So don’t start each day in some hazy, unfocused, directionless way. Many people will begin by speculating about their day based on opinions they’ve formed on previous days. Then, whether they day wanted to surprise them or not, they’ll unconsciously steer their day like every other, blind to any opportunities for change.

The other way to wake up is to know that your mood is in your own control. You can have a calm Captain in both light and heavy seas. So don’t wake up and let chance decide the direction of the day. Remind yourself that your conscious choices will shape your day. You need to remember to be present for those choices.

Relax and Succeed - Try less to be with someoneThe first choice you can make is to actually provide yourself the sort of stimuli that makes it easy for you to feel good. For many, the handiest and surest way to accomplish this is the same way movies do it–with music. So you can find your own song, or you can use the one I’ve posted below. For my part, I chose something with a beat and a sound that I thought could work for readers around the globe, of any age, and leave them feeling just a little pumped up.

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that to be spiritually responsible and psychologically healthy, we have to have those as conscious objectives and we must always be scanning the world around us for opportunities to move toward the sorts of influences and challenges that create joy and/or help us grow. To do that we need to feel vital and energetic.

I actually had a different song slated for this spot, but on Sunday I heard a singer I’d never heard before and I felt her song was a perfect fit to match my description of what I was looking for. I didn’t want to overdo it, but I wanted a beat and sound that could charge you up in a very mature and sophisticated way.

Her name is Erin Costelo, she’s from Nova Scotia, and this song is rather ironically called Low. It’s pretty groovy. Use it or whatever song helps you feel balanced, capable and enthusiastic about your own life. Learn to start your day like this every day. Make that a habit and you’ll have really helped yourself become more conscious all day long. Have a great week everyone.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.

MoK: The Songspinner

You took on a challenge. You volunteered for the March of Kindness. Rather than just wanting the world to be kinder you lead the way and you were kinder by example. Undoubtedly along the way you even encouraged someone who didn’t even know what the March of Kindness was and yet you would have influenced them to do something positive. You should feel good about that.

On the final day of the march we’re going to focus on the kindness that is you. You can do nice things, and you can take action you wouldn’t normally take, but if we really want to impact the world we must appreciate that our general disposition is like a chemical we add to the mix of daily reality. We can be caustic or inert, we can flow we can fizzle, but if we’re looking closely we can see that our frame of mind–our mood–helps set the tone for others around us. Today is about you recognising that power.

Yes, you are important. No matter who you thought you were, you are like a radio station that has the ability to play music people dance to or you can play music that brings tears to people’s eyes. Which songs you play are up to you. But just as others experience your frame of mind as a part of their landscape, it is also part of yours. Recognising the value of you being in a positive frame of mind is largely what motivates people to stay there. It’s simply a nicer place to be.

Today you want to choose a good mood. You want to see your frame of mind as coming from your intentions, not the fluke of the events in your day. The one thing you do have control over is your own mind. You may not be used to taking control, but there’s no one thinking those thoughts but you. You started them, you can stop them.

If we look with the wonder of a child we see that the world is filled with glorious beauty. And if we look at the world and see all that we don’t approve of, then the world appears ugly and our enthusiasm for life drops. Today is about you fully owning the fact that your little radio station does impact the listeners in your station’s range. The people who interact with you will be impacted, the only question is how.

Start to see that you are the DJ spinning the tunes. Remember that if you feel a sad ballad within you that’s because you played one. And if you feel something that makes you feel like dancing, then that too is you. Start owning that radio station and start impacting your world by being more conscious regarding your choice of songs. Don’t want things to be different, play different songs and make the world different.

Today your final steps in the March of Kindness are about recognising yourself as a constant source of reality. You can’t expect to always do it but, as often as possible, if you intentionally play happy, lively songs, then you can expect a life that is happier and has more life in it. Crying has it’s place. But we’re better to spend more of our life dancing.

Today, you be the music. And never forget, long after the March of Kindness is over, you will carry with you each and every day the ability to impact your world and the lives of the people around you. That’s not just a responsibility, that’s also empowerment. Wield your power wisely and enjoy your day and your life. Thank you for joining me for this year’s march.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

You Will Be Good

1080-relax-and-succeed-use-your-smile-to-change-this-worldYou might have noticed a bit of order in what I’m doing. As you attempted yesterday’s meditation you would have struggled with the circular thoughts I discussed in Mental Spin Class. These meditations all play into each other over time but I can’t explain half of them because there’s no words for the concepts. These exist in the gaps in between and beyond our current definitions but, even if I could, I would rather not be the guy to further divide up the world with more labels.

For most of you one of three things happened yesterday. You didn’t dedicate yourself to the exercise; you did and you were successful at catching lots of thoughts but they likely demonstrated how negative your ego is; or you did do the meditation but it was super hard to catch yourself thinking.

1080-relax-and-succeed-when-you-see-something-beautifulEven if you caught yourself thinking a lot, it still would have been a tiny percentage of what you actually thought. You swam in your own thoughts all day much like a fish swims in a lake. Those thoughts are generally narratives in which you are judging yourself or some person or some aspect of the world. Either that or you’re asking questions that will allow you to judge something (e.g. I’m getting old. Why did you do that? How long until the flight arrives?).

Today you’re going to do the same exercise except this is where your score from yesterday comes in. You’re going to be intentional today. Today you’re going to try to make sure your plus-total is big and healthy. Make your minus-score small, because it represents you being less healthy. Rather than the peace to be quiet, you’ll find it easier to give yourself reasons to be positive so let’s start there. (You’ve already accomplished more than you’re able to realise.)

1080-relax-and-succeed-there-are-those-who-give-with-joyThis is all about you getting yourself into the frame of mind that will permit you to make the sorts of shifts you’ve wanted to make. You’ve been dedicated before, but you were trying to do it intellectually and that won’t work. Plus you’ve likely been confused by an increasing number of people who try to sound like me or others like me, and yet I can tell that many of the people attempting to teach this stuff don’t really know what it is I’m imparting here. So be kind to yourself (and to them).

Melt your personal, individual thoughts into general awareness. Rather than placing something in it, simply pay attention to your attention. It’s like a vacuum that sucks up experiences. If you fill it with enough poisonous thoughts they will definitely seep out into your own life and negatively impact you. Likewise, filling it with appreciation will only make it your life run better.

Be intentionally positive. Give yourself credit. Compliment people and then give yourself credit for contributing to their day and get two points-in-one. Breathe in nice things and exhale negative things. Breathe in the future and exhale the past. Do that and you will be good.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.

Intentional Living

It’s procrastination. Maybe it’s caused by a fear. Or maybe there’s things you avoid just because they’re hard to do. And yet so many of these things still need to be done. As Bob Dylan pointed out, no matter who you are you’ll be serving somebody. So how do you do it?

783 Relax and Succeed - Live today not yesterdayFirst off, recognize procrastination as an addiction. Your brain gets good at anything it does a lot of, so if you procrastinate you’ll have wired yourself up to do so effectively. That being the case the first thing you have to accept is that it will feel uncomfortable when you first start using different and initially more cumbersome thought structures.

Your brain will tilt you toward your old self. It’ll want to use those old pathways. Expect that. You’ll even lose the battle a few times at the start. But the more you practice doing something else the more you practice being someone else.

So how do you conduct this practice? You must live very intentionally. And it is useful to do so in such a way that you are wiring the concept of presence into every aspect of your thinking. You don’t want to just trick your way past something–you want to become more conscious about what forms your reality.

783 Relax and Succeed - The best time to plant a treeLet’s say you have a large project. Let’s use me as an example. I’ve been so busy working that a lot of administrative tasks have been left far too long and it’s now a horribly large pile that it’s easy to be intimidated by. I also have to learn some new software in a new program category so that threatens to be daunting, and it’s autumn and so I have certain responsibilities to my yard and house. As with most adults, all of these things are far past the dates I planned to get them done but hey–life can throw us some pretty amazing curve balls so I’ll waste no time thinking my way through a bunch of what-ifs.

So I have a big pile of boring paper and tax stuff, learning new software and a lot of yard and housework to catch up on. I can think that into a pile so big that I could find a reason to have lunch every day of the week just to avoid having to dive into it. But sensing that resistance I do my utmost to stay focused on the section of moments that I’m experiencing and nothing else. This becomes hyper-conscious intentional living.

783 Relax and Succeed - Just live your lifeAs previously noted, it can feel strange to do at first, but as you get used to it it becomes something quite natural. What it looks like is this: I break down my day into the smallest level of tasks that I can and I focus on strictly those. So after waking up all I will do is walk downstairs. My next intentional thought might be to fill the kettle then turn it on. That’s it. Nothing else. That small.

I endeavour to do exactly that with great awareness. I feel the weight of the kettle, the temperature of the handle, the scent of the air around me. But as soon as I detect any thoughts I refocus on my task and I stop giving that flow of thoughts my energy. I just fill the kettle then turn it on. And then I go to my next task.

Get two teabags. Yep. That’s it. Nothing more. Then place them in the teapot. That is all. Start the kettle and tidy the kitchen until it boils. Again–any time I sense my thinking is starting to roll away I take the energy away from that self-conversation and apply it to my task. Of course this will feel strange at first but slowly you will see what it feels like to be more aware. You will learn the difference between your ego self and your quiet self.

783 Relax and Succeed - Mind Full or mindfulThis process should continue on for most of the day. Note that in those instructions there is no “you.” There is no place for your thought-based opinion, there is only the action. Do that each day for long enough and suddenly it becomes natural to live in the moment. This is what it is to be mindful. You want your mindful of the world around you, not have a mind full of your own thoughts. Those only cloud our vision. Those are an illusion.

If you truly want to live differently become aware. It will make life easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding. Just remember: one thing at a time. Even the biggest task in the world is accomplished one thing at a time. Just focus on that one thing and peace will be with you.

Enjoy your day.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is a writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Focusing Life

Dear Friends,

726 Relax and Succeed - Humankind has not wovenOver the last while I’ve had to work in ways that I don’t really prefer. I’ve been okay with that, but I’ve recently been able to make a shift in my life and it was so shocking to my brain that it took a few months just to feel comfortable about feeling comfortable. Since then I’ve been making conscious adaptations based on those experiences and the benefits have been so great that I wanted to share them with all of you.

Because of the research I and others do etc. I don’t use a smartphone, and many leading brain researchers are minimizing their use as well. The research is not very positive despite our enjoyment of the devices. So facing those facts I now try to stick to just my homephone. But that’s a smaller part of the battle.

Even without a smartphone I felt constantly interrupted by a barrage of notifications, warnings, calendar events, and updates etc. etc.. I could feel my focus and my ability to think deeply about things fading. I would get up and walk around every few pages when reading a book. I would hesitate to click on videos more than 5 minutes long. I would get lost for 20 minutes on the web for no good purpose.

726 Relax and Succeed - Detachment is not thatAnd then one day I checked the computer for messages even when there wasn’t reason to think there was one there. And that stood out to me as entirely Pavlovian. I had been trained by software. I was going to push the lever to get my food pellet. And at that moment I began developing a plan to get my life back.

Here’s the simple things I’ve found that work for me. The nature of the modern world has lead me to be much more intentional in focusing my attention:

  1. I only do certain things at certain times of day. Email gets checked twice, phone calls twice, social media twice, plus whenever I’m on hold on the phone. Yes I miss some stuff. But not much, and I gain a ton of focus.
  2. I get back to people as I’m able to. There was no point in rushing to get them rushed work, solutions, ideas or plans. Some days I get back to everyone. Some days I get 100 messages and it’s just not possible. Every day I do my best and am satisfied with that. Working this way you tend to be very productive so it’s easy to feel good.
  3. If I’m using a device I make sure any software or pages aren’t open if I don’t need them.
  4. I turned off all notifications.
  5. I only carry my phone if I’m expecting a call or expecting to make one. Otherwise it stays at home.
  6. If I need an answer to a question and I know I do know the answer, I will not look it up I’ll concentrate on remembering it instead. I suspect this will become an increasingly valuable skill year-by-year.

726 Relax and Succeed - True happiness comesYes, I’m harder to get a hold of, but I’m still 100X easier to reach than anyone from 10 years ago. And my work has never been better. I’m focused. I can read very long passages very comfortably. My management of the information is better, it’s less stressful than bouncing around and I sleep better and longer as well.

But the best thing is the work. Every thing I work on has my full attention and it makes a difference. A friend just wrote about how she loves spending time with me because when she does she knows she’s my focus 100%. I hear things better and can respond better in working situations. I’m more creative, faster and my ideas are more novel and involve more data points. In short, the focus has created a wonderful level of personal success that feels terrific.

I know your culture is screaming at you to be available all the time. But your devices are like a leash that lasts forever. I would urge you to cove most of your day off to be available to yourself instead. I know it would be hard. The CBC Radio One show Spark has done numerous episodes on people trying to quit. But based on my experience and many others, whatever you lose in speed you’ll more than gain in quality. And that goes for not only your work, but for your life as well. So as crazy as it seems, it might just be the shortest route to more sanity.

Have yourself a wonderful day.

peace. s

Intentional Being

699 Relax and Succeed - I began to realize

It’s actually pretty likely that the person reading this is not the person you’d actually planned to be when you grew up. I’m not sure it happens to some Masai guy on the serengeti but if you live in the modern world then it’s very likely you’re going to end up accidentally being someone. I know. Weird eh? But that’s what people do. They wake up at some time in the next seven or eight years and go, what the…? Whose life is this?!

Let’s pick the art-forms of dance or acting because these are two of the toughest professional challenges there are. A writer can pay his bills by day and dedicate his nights to writing. Professional acting and professional dance understandably and invariably require full day-time and full night-time commitments, so those artists can hold temporary jobs but they can’t climb up any ladders because they’re always leaving when they get a gig. And they will always leave. Artists know their jobs allow them to more fully be themselves than most of life does and so they’ll pretty much die before they’ll give that up. In fact if they do give it up, something has died.

People need to survive. They finish school, they’ve got their school debt and likely a car payment and some insurance and a chunk of some rent somewhere. And eventually you want to date, maybe get married and think about maybe having enough resources to support a family. And all of a sudden your life vanishes and you replace it bit by bit with surviving. You just hope by the end of the month to be able to make ends meet. The ends. You stop living and you start making a living. It can get a bit desperate.

699 Relax and Succeed - Work is love made visible

You’ll do your best, so you’ll work to become a better salesman, a better people-manager, a better task-manager, being more organized—whatever. You’ll start developing and competing as that instead of offering the world who you are. So you’ll be more interested in the best sales technique, which isn’t finding the person the best product, but rather it’s the most effective and quick way to get people’s money.

To have a more fulfilling life, instead of just getting their money, we can seek what Robert Pirsig called the moment of quality. The Now moment cannot care about the sale itself because there is no subject and object in the present. There is no seller and no buyer. There is nothing to be bought or sold, and there is no act and result. Everything is combined. All attention and focus is on the enthusiastic creation of anything original, whether it’s some brand new choreography or an oft-repeated tea ceremony.  It all comes from us in the present.

If we continue to care about that kind of quality we won’t lose track of who we are. But if we want to satisfy our ego by trying to be good, or if we just seek to make money, then the blinders go on and invisibly we climb onto a kind of autopilot treadmill. That’s why everyone looks half-dead today. They’re not adding any real value to the world. And if it’s happening to you, what makes you notice it is the monotony and the futility. See? Even those things have advantages. They’re signs you’re going the wrong way.

One day you wake up and realise, whose life is this? When did I become this person? It’s not like you had to get on Broadway or TV, you could have just done community theatre and enjoyed your major in school like a hobby. A lot of places in the world would think that quite sane. It’s less so now, but I like how European students were propelled to be who they wanted to be through their studies, whereas in North America it’s always felt more about training for what you’ll do. That’s a hard thing to define, but there’s something rich about pouring a bunch of education into yourself instead of  a career you might hate in a few years.

699 Relax and Succeed - If you don't build

I’ve written it before—your life will go in roughly 7-9 year stretches. That’s about as long as I see people being anyone before they’ll eventually stumble into being someone else. There are those moments of becoming. It’s hard to remember those early ones—where you got your first real independence, or went into puberty, or shifted into young adulthood—but by 25 or 27 years old you’re getting a bit more conscious and you notice the change into actual adulthood (which is about when your brain stops growing at around 26—no joke intended).

One of the people you can accidentally become is a person with a job trying to stay ahead. Not get ahead in many cases. Just keep the wolves at the door for another 30 days. Some people watched their parents resign themselves to that too, but that’s like handing over your life to slavery. Your work day is 50% of your waking life. If you can’t turn it into something meaningful then you’re surrendering way too much.

Fulfill yourself. Change jobs. Create your own value-based company. Or if that feels impossible at least go to your job as a salesman invigorated by the standing ovation you got last night in your community theatre production. Start a dance class for the disabled where you work as an orderly. Teach singing to poor kids at the school where you’re the custodian. There are a lot of ways to be the thing you imagined in when you were younger. It doesn’t have to be your work. It can be a big and nourishing part of your life though. We have to stop dividing those two things up as though they’re different. They’re all you being you.

699 Relax and Succeed - If you aren't making a difference

There was wisdom in your youth. Before you were told about responsibilities and obligations etc., you were free. You had ideas about how you would expand the world, not fit into it. What were those dreams? And is some aspect of them still alive? Do you still want to write that novel? Do you still want to learn to build a computer, or ride a unicycle, or play on the sports teams you had dreaded as a kid? Then do it. Because any pain you feel—any boredom or frustration or lost-ness—all stems from you doing and not being. Shakespeare talked about the seven ages of man, and he also said “To be or not to be,” not, “To do or not to do.”

Don’t trade your life for money. Don’t do work you can’t invest in. Do things that allow you to genuinely enjoy your day, even if that’s via your customers and co-workers versus the work itself. Because as long as a lot of your days are spent joyfully creating worthwhile things or experiences, then you will continue to expand as is your nature.

Don’t be someone accidentally. Be intentional about your life. Choose your life, choose how to act and choose to be okay with however you feel. Those are all trickier than they sound, but they are all also ultimately answers that are hard to find precisely because they’re so easy and obvious. Don’t complicate things. Just be yourself. That would be perfect.

To close, I’ve posted this on a past Friday Dose, but despite some of the language it’s just too appropriate not to re-post, so here’s Joe Rogan’s video The Society Trap. I recommend taking the time to take a look:


peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

The Purpose of Life

You’re looking for purpose. To be settled onto your path. You want to know where you’re going so that you don’t waste energy by going the wrong way. You think you’ll have peace once you figure that one small thing out. Once you know what it all means—what it’s all for—then you’ll be able to make the sort of decisions that will guarantee success and then25 Relax and Succeed - I don't know where I'm going you’ll have earned the right to relax.

Mmmm. Maybe not.

Of all people kids are happiest. They can find joy in an old shoe box. They laugh way more than adults and they can learn like no one else. Just think of it: you learned at least one language, (maybe as many as three or four), without even trying to learn it/them, and without anyone really trying to teach it/them to you. You are a genius. Language is a fantastically complex system of algebra and you had huge chunks of it learned by two or three years old, and you were very fluent by six. Amazing. Seriously, totally, absolutely amazing.

Do you think maybe a kids enjoyment of life has something to do with how fast they learn?

Kids don’t have goals. No objectives, no plans, no grades they’re trying to get–no imaginings of their possible futures. They weren’t trying to learn to walk, or talk. They just wanted to join us either physically, or through communication. There was never any trying. Only doing. To a young enough child there is no failure, only the steps along the way. Kids primarily live in the Now right up until we teach them to do otherwise by modelling our worries and obligations and hopes etc. etc. etc.

Do you really think you can’t live like that? That you can’t forget all that you want to happen and instead focus on and enjoy what is happening? You can. But to get back into the present, you can’t have half of your consciousness focused on worrying about failure or judgment. You have to be childlike and un-self-conscious.

25 Relax and Succeed - Ego says once everything falls into placeYou have to trust yourself and the universe so thoroughly that you don’t even draw a distinction between you and it. Things are just happening. You are just following instinct. There is no self-talk invested in discussing your performance. There is only performance. There is only the verb of you Being. Not thinking about being; Being.

Stop talking to yourself about how things could have been, or how they will be once this or that happens. Live like a kid. Trust that there is value in what you are naturally interested in. Enact that interest as much as you can. Drop internal conversations about where your life should or could go, and instead feel where you would like it to go. Have enough respect for yourself that you’ll actually give your own natural impulses their proper place in the universe.

The universe is a big place. It has room for every idea and it needs you to enact yours. We all contain impulses within us that we should trust. Those impulses are currents within the Flow of Tao, and it is through us that the universe intended to enact them. Resistance will feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. Go instead with the Flow and know the peace of meaningless purpose.

No go enjoy being you. That’s all the universe ever intended.

peace. s

Alan Watts on Life Purpose: