Scott’s Favourite Friday Dose of 2014 #2

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There was about three or four other Dose’s that got serious consideration for this Top Two ranking, but it came down to which ones were greater priorities. This site tries to always be about you feeling stronger and more capable. To feel that way you have to be filled with joy and rewarding experiences. So 2nd Place goes to a post that features two creative people talking very wisely about personal and professional achievement, growth, overcoming challenges, and how to live an inspired life. And it also includes a little girl who reminds us of the magic in small things. We just have to slow our busy minds down enough to realize that amazing parts of life are happening all around us, all the time. There was a day where we were all that innocent, a day where we all learned about gifts falling from the sky….


Winner: Scott’s Top
Friday Dose of 2014 #2

peace. s