#YEGSecularSundayWalk 11am-12pm

1343 Relax and Succeed - Nature always wears the colors of the spirit

While the walk will happen this long weekend, please note that the time has permanently changed to 11am. Sleep is also a form of meditation, so a later start time should enable everyone even more time at peace. 🙂


#YEG Secular Sunday Walks


6750 – 88th Street
Argyll Community Hall

(Meet between the Zen Garden
and the playground)

Nearest Bus Stops: #2224 or #2531


This is a place for those who may not engage with a classic spiritual tradition, but who nevertheless have a desire to discuss their questions or conclusions about their spiritual life with others who share their interest in actively developing their own psychological and spiritual health.

We have no agenda, although I am open to questions. This is simply time in nature, spent with others who also share an interest in quelling their busy minds in order to engage more profoundly with our daily realities.

peace. s