The Friday Dose #31

461 Relax and Succeed - Believe in yourself

Let’s start off with the hilarious story of a language school blogger who wasn’t clowning around when he wrote an article for immigrants on homophones. Of course homophones are one of the most challenging things about learning the English language. When people are listening to us talk, they hear the word see/sea/C they aren’t sure if you mean the ocean, or a vision of something, or a letter in the English language.

Native English speakers don’t notice it, but we create our sentences from many more confusing choices than many languages do. Not only can we use quick, speedy, rapid or fast for pretty much the same thing, but we also have sales and sails, son and sun, and the dreaded there, their and they’re. So homophones are important, but it turns out the top guy at this language school doesn’t know what a homophone is, so he fired the blogger for using the blog to promote a gay agenda.

Yeah. The head of a language school made that mistake. But this blogger used to be a clown for 25 years. He’s a happy, well-adjusted guy. So his reaction to being fired is just so incredibly gracious. I hope someone who knows how to spell gives Tim Torkildson can help find him a new job:

Writer for Hire


I’m a big fan of This American Life. I’m always impressed at how deep and profound they are able to make even the most casual-sounding subjects. This one is funny and fascinating and it speaks very strongly to the concepts of ego, identity and appearance. You can download it as a podcast or listen to it right on line. You’re very likely to enjoy it.

Is That What I Look Like?


And finally this, very simply, is a guy giving his monkey a bath. And this monkey has such a cute expression he’s an easy source of happiness. Sometimes all a day needs to improve is a monkey having a bath. 🙂



Raise your awareness. Actively scan the world for the moment to moment experiences that will make your life rewarding.

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