The Friday Dose #5: The Seal of Approval

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Okay, so today we’ll have some fun. We’ll look at uplifting, heartwarming and just plain enjoyable ideas.

We’ll start with a breakdown of some very good relationship habits. Anyone can pick at, or quibble with, any argument in life. But there’s a beautifully simple logic at the heart of these suggestions. We have to stop asking our partners to fix our relationships and we have to figure out how to be more actively positive participants in our own lives. Our love is a verb and we need to exercise it within our relationships. So here for your perusal is a listing:

10 Habits of Happy Couples

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Here’s an example of how we forget that animals kill for food, or to protect food, or protect something from becoming food. But it’s in an animal’s nature to be connected. I’ve actually had an experience myself while vacationing on Salt Spring Island where a group of small deer emerged from the woods and literally pressed their bodies against me. One even gently took a slice of apple I was holding between my teeth.

The experience was so moving it brought both me and the woman watching to tears. I’m not sure either one of us will see something more purely beautiful than that ever again. I still don’t know why all those deer wanted to lean their necks and heads and bodies against me —I’m just extremely grateful it happened because it is literally a highlight in an already remarkable life. I found this video very touching because it brought such vivid memories of that day back to me. I hope it brings back some nice human-animal memories for you too.

And finally here’s an absolutely wonderful approach to what could be presented as a sad and challenging problem. Yes, there are always pets that can challenge us beyond our reasonable capacity. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all we can for those that can be reached. Animals bring a certain truth to people’s lives.

There is no real guile or complication to an animal. They are straightforward in their needs and somehow that clarity often helps them bring the best out in us. We can look at these things as problems in life, or we can see them as opportunities to spread more love around the world:

There are a lot of beautiful things going on in this world. It’s easy to be angry or frustrated or outraged. But it’s also easy to be happy, engaged and enthusiastic. So look for those opportunities actively. They don’t land on the laps of lucky people. Lucky people are just the people who are most conscious about choosing to focus their consciousness on the things they like about life. And any of us can do that. I hope you’ll join us.

Have a wonderful weekend.

peace. s

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