Good Vibrations

Maybe you think I’m being figurative. Or maybe you simply haven’t actually tried it. But if you you read me regularly and practice throughout your day, you should naturally develop skills that help you have a more rewarding life on a day to day basis. If that’s not happening for you when it is for many other people, then I would suggest that there’s one idea that you’re really not giving enough consideration to.

632 Relax and Succeed - If you want to find the secretsThe usual way of describing it involves talking about an out there and an in here, or external and internal realities. But if that doesn’t work for you let’s get the division—the separation—out of the description. Instead of in and out or something similar, let’s just say the entire world is simply frequencies. The truth is, whether you’re hearing it from me or you’re hearing it from a physicist talking about the most recent discoveries; we’re both saying that the world is nothing more than vibrating bits of information. So if you even experimentally engage with this premise then the question is: what if you steered your life less by what illusion the vibrations create and instead you made your decisions based on the vibrations themselves?

I make resolutions all year long, but each New Years I’ll make one that’s more a project than a resolution. This year’s project was to process the universe’s input to me differently. Be it a person, event or thing—I would process it as a vibration and not as a separate something outside of me.

An example of how this translates is when I experience that common feeling we’ve all had—that common sense—of spontaneously thinking about someone I hadn’t thought of for a long time. Every time that would happen I would assume that vibration was meaningful and not random. I would check in my memory banks to see if I could remember any commitment or promise I’d made to that person that I may have accidentally forgotten or broken, and if I couldn’t recall a reason they might have come into my consciousness then I would shift to watching for them in the “outside” world. Since January 1st I’ve ran into or received calls from all sixteen of the people I had sensed in the first year.

632 Relax and Succeed - Knowledge is learning somethingThis only reinforced my belief that the experiment was worthwhile and I’m looking for ways to expand it. I’m going to start by trying to watch for these vibrations when I’m out and about. I want to know if I get a signal when I’m physically near the person. My guess is I do. And I suspect this all links to how birds and fish turn as one unit. There’s a link between beings and I want to explore it. We’ve all felt it at times. That weird way musicians or athletes can look at each other and we’ll just know what the other person is going to do and what they want us to do. We just know. That feeling is super-familiar to essentially all good athletes or musicians.

So for sure there’s something there. By seeing the “outside” world as less-real–and by starting to focus on how things feel rather than what I was taught things are–I begin to see another layer of reality. And then suddenly other people’s previously inexplicable actions seem incredibly wise. Because they weren’t seeing an external event to be changed–they simply shifted to harmonizing with the vibration. When you can do it you can see who else can do it too.

My point here is: how can anyone suggest their life is bad or that it needs some big change or that they or another person is broken or needy? The people we admire as spiritually and psychologically healthy are telling us that we’re not even looking in the appropriate place to find the reality we actually live in? How can we complain about how things are when we’ve never made much effort to even see this other thing–this thing that me and Eckhart Tolle and Sydney Banks and Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson or any other of the world’s capable teachers talk about?

632 Relax and Succeed - How spiritual you areThis is a very real thing in the universe. And no one who sees it goes back and asks Morpheus for the other pill so they can go live back in the fakeness of The Matrix. No one doubles back and lives an ego life. We all dance in ego every now and again because we need the contrast that those experiences provide to help us find our way—but we don’t live there. And once people know that the other world is real-er than the one they used to believe in, they’re naturally motivated to stay away from ego.

The world is frequencies. There is less difference between the physical world and the quantum world than we tend to suspect. But how does all of this energy crap help you on a day to day basis? Good question. Well, for instance, you can use this ability to see things differently. Let’s say you’ve always been afraid of yelling. You hate anyone who does it but now you’re in love with a yeller. What if you start to recognize something like yelling as an actual attempt to reduce pressure, in much the same way that a race-car has parts fly off during a crash—to help dissipate accident energy. Then instead of being afraid of yelling we could half-embrace it as simply a vibrational event.

If we can do this consistently it means we’ll begin to take people’s personal events far less personally. We won’t mistake being in the presence of someone else’s experience as something happening to us. As compelling as that “outside” reality can feel, everything remains a vibration we are feeling, not an external event that is happening. Build that sensitivity—that awareness—do it all day, with everyone, and you will find yourself unusually capable of staying calm when most people would be getting upset. This is a skill that should not be underestimated.

632 Relax and Succeed - Feelings are just visitorsStop assuming so much about other people’s intentions. Know who they generally are and go off of that. If your spouse is really upset and unreasonable it’s not like they’ve ceased to be the awesome person you’ve married. They just have a thought-storm going on, so don’t feel like you have to move to a different continent. Just put on a raincoat for a while and wait for it to be over. It’s a zillion times better than arguing with the person to calm down. (Ha! How crazy is that super-popular strategy?) No matter where anyone’s consciousness is at, they will eventually return to vibrate at their home note, so just wait.

People are generally good. See their little outbursts more as signs that they are struggling than signs that you’re seeing some dark hidden self. Staying empathetic when someone is really struggling is one of the most useful ways to love someone and once the experience is over both parties feel closer for having gone through it. It really does make a big difference so I hope you’ll at least try it and prove it to yourself.

With that, I send you good vibrations for every good fortune. Now go notice/create an awesome day. Big hug. 😉

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.