The Friday Dose #78

They say seeing is believing but even that’s not true. Your vision is shockingly less reliable than you believe it to be. What if I told you that the ancient world pretty much saw the world in black and white? Or did you know there’s been a cure available for colour blindness for years but no one wants to pay to get it approved because it’s too easy and won’t make money? Prepare to have your foundations shaken, because some of this information blew away every single person I exposed it to. And since the colour blind people aren’t getting the solution they deserve, let’s start with them:

Colour Blind Awareness


Did you know that there’s a special tone of yellow in the world that can only be achieved by making the paint from a sap that takes years to drain from the tree, and it’s a yellow that only very special people can even see? Did you know that every culture will gather colours in the same order? And did you know how new the colour blue actually was? Seriously. It’s a 90 minute 3-part documentary that’s perfect for a long drive or run because it will absolutely and repeatedly blow your mind. You will never look through your eyes the same way again after listening to this:

Radiolab: Colors


And finally we’ll finish with this excellent BrainCraft video on vision. Just as the brilliant audio documentary above discusses, people can actually use effort to physically change their bodies to be able to see things they could not otherwise see. Think about how powerful that makes your thinking. You will literally build a brain to suit your thinking. Amazing. You. Are. Amazing.


You can’t really trust what you experience through the filter of your mind and that makes the world shockingly exciting and flexible. It’s time we stopped spinning our attention inward on our own personal existence and spend more time expanding what it is to be a human overall. Stop being so hard on yourself and look for ways to expand instead. It’ll work faster and be more fun. Have an awesome weekend under that big… blue…?…sky. 😉

peace. s