A New Kind of Resolution

1397 Relax and Succeed - New Year's Message

Setting goals can help us by predetermining our in-the-moment direction in life, but too often New Years Resolutions are expectations and/or desires that end up leaving us feeling defeated. But there is a conscious, intentional and meaningful approach growth that offers us a great deal without placing us at risk of failure.

The person that knows your life best, and is best-equipped to help you –is you. A healthy, confident you needs very little guidance. When we feel that way we feel inspired and the rest all comes much easier and more naturally.

Rather than focusing on changing ourselves on January 1st by being more organized, or by going to the gym on a rigid schedule that leads us to lose a certain amount of weight, what if we just spent time each week genuinely focused on raising our consciousness in ways that would allow us to feel stronger and more capable?

People who feel good about themselves and the world tend to naturally assume healthier lifestyles than whatever they had before that. And they also tend to tackle life with a kind of zeal that helps get things done. So whether we’re losing weight or getting organized, getting our understanding in place can be the key to both. It can be the key to anything.

For 2020, the blog will take us all on a step by step journey through the self and society. Each post will be one small clear step in what can be a profound journey to deeper understanding and a better life. From there we will be able to draw it’s implications in the world in our daily lives. It is those internal experiences that inform our growth.

Obviously, when I work directly with people all of our discussions are drawn from their lives, and that individual attention does help for sure. But when it comes to broadly discussing what we all share in common, this will be the truth at its most practical and fundamental.

This way everyone can begin 2020 with no idea who we exactly will become, but we can anticipate that it will be someone more expansive and capable. We may just surprise ourselves. Maybe our current dreams are too small….

If anyone asks if you set a New Year’s Resolution, tell them yes; yours is to become more conscious about every single thing you do. Join us.

See you in 2020. Have a Happy New Year everyone.

peace. s