967 Relax and Succeed - The earth has music for those who listen

There is a much easier way to deal with life than the ups and downs of the roller coaster that most people voluntarily climb onto every day. Everyone today has big problems and they’re looking for big sweeping solutions.

The habit has become to seek some grand catharsis, or to see a doctor for an answer-all pill, or to come to someone like me in the hopes of suddenly finding clarity or enlightenment, as though it’s a form of immunity rather than a practice.

As we move through life, it’s as though we collect rocks from every negative experience and we put them in our pockets. And over time they weigh us down.

Our natural reaction is to look for someone outside of us to assume responsibility for all of our rocks when our low-conscious self finally notices that they’re really weighing us down.

Enough rocks of negative experience can really slow our progress. Then things can get really heavy. Then, you can eventually find it difficult to even move.  And if still nothing is done there can be physical consequences.

Another less-drastic option is to maintain our wellness and our life. That is to say, rather than battling disorder and disease, we can instead nourish and nurture health. Whereas the battles tend to be ugly and have victims, the maintenance of health is often very enjoyable and rewarding.

In the end, our choice is to either collect rocks, and then look for someone to dump a pile of them on; or we can go for a walk every day, and drop a few rocks out as we go, by ourselves, where we’ll do less damage. That’s a kid of generous empowerment.

Last year while working with an organisation that promoted both nature and wellness, I was surprised to learn they had never encountered the Japanese idea of shinrin-yoku. It literally means forest bathing.

As I’ve noted in posts for years now, walks are not idle efforts. Careful scientific study has externally proven what anyone who spends time in nature knows internally: nature has an impact on us.

These impacts include things like pheromones given off by trees, the soothing quality of the sounds of running water, and even the general quality of the air because of course plants and trees are really the cleaning system for our atmosphere.

Our exposure to nature also provides opportunities for unexpected experiences with other people and animals, which can be much richer experiences than just sightings.

When was the last time your bare feet touched the Earth off your own property or not on some beach? How often do you walk barefoot around the nature in your own neighbourhood?

Kids used to climb dozens of trees and develop all sorts of useful spatial awareness skills. But now there are many kids who have never even been allowed to attempt such a connection.

Touching a tree, smelling a flower, skipping stones on water, seeing the sunlight dapple in through the leaves; these are all very old very human experiences. To trap ourselves in a world of right angles, where everything is labeled and processed and pre-set is to live in an inhuman world.

Nature addresses both the outsides of us, and the insides of us.

967 Relax and Succeed - Daily tip wander

I have been unable to walk through my nearby beloved ravine for about a week now. It’s rare that I’m so busy that I can’t create time for doing nothing but walking and breathing. I often do sessions walking through it and for good reason.

If you don’t think nature has much value to your psychological and spiritual goals, I can assure you that anyone who spends a lot of time in nature will clearly indicate its value.

If it’s removed from their life, they will immediately start to feel weighed down by the many small stones that we often never even notice we grab by living in our busy modern world.

Go for a walk. Skip some of your own stones across a pond. Commune with a duck. Hug a tree. Wade in a creek. Because bringing a smartphone and looking for Pokemons is fine, but being distracted in nature is to miss the point. Our lives are all about efficiency and sense and value. But does that look like it’s working for everyone?

People have never been more stressed. Meanwhile, if we pay attention to the mountain climbers, the naturalists, the hikers and the campers in our lives, they will often share a uniquely healthy spirit.

That isn’t them being more successful than anyone as a person; that’s them being more connected to the world as an aspect of their own nature. We can do that too.

Forget concepts and roles and responsibilities. Join us. Join the universe. Find your own bit of nature. And make sure you toss a few stones out every single day, along the way. All they do is weigh us down anyway, and we’ve got too much to do in this amazing world.

peace. s