The Friday Dose #95

847 Relax and Succeed - The best way to find yourselfAs noted earlier in the week, the Dose’s format will change slightly but it will still essentially be your distraction page. If you get caught in a painful thought loop the Dose’s are a collection of things that either relate to what I teach, or they’re designed to simply be interesting or cool to the point where you forget about your own problems and instead you get lost in fascination. This year the Dose will be divided into sections. Enjoy!

Weird and Wonderful

A man invents a switch for sperm:

The Sperm Switch


Families are lost without their leaders:

Ineffective Parenting


Do you understand the men in your life or do you believe you do?

The Secret Lives of Boys


How good is your awareness?

Thanks for a great first week of 2016 everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

peace. s

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