2014’s Blog of the Year #7

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Getting married? Know someone who is? Well don’t let them do it without answering the two questions in this Blog-of-the-Year.

This Blog was and is a response to me seeing people moving away from their health simply due to misunderstanding some quote on social media. In the blog I take the quotes and expand on them in an attempt to assist people in getting the most out of them.

For six months I did depart from that format somewhat in that I treated the blog as more of a question and answer session. During that period I think this was the shortest question I got. But it was in many ways the most profound.

My answer caused a ton of fiances to call and write to thank me, saying that it had either changed their mind, or it had re-affirmed that they were indeed making a good decision. And if you’re reading it after you’re married, well then it’s a whole different beast. 😉 Either way, it easily earned a spot as a Blog-of-the-Year. Enjoy:


2014’s Blog of the Year #7

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