A Special Offer

Until April 4th I will be making a special offer designed to help more people to gain access to my training.

Many students of my 12 hour Consciousness Management Training have realized that the particular type of training I do would be ideal for people experiencing the extreme stresses associated with the COVID crisis.

As a result, I have been contacted by several individuals who offered to pay for highly stressed friends or family members to undergo the training. Yet, despite the sincerity of those offers, only 25% are accepted.

People are only willing to accept the gift if they believe they can one day repay it. But in their overwhelmed state of mind they feel that will never be possible, so they reject the offer of care. To help resolve this issue I am developing the following plan:

From today until the end of this week, on April 4th, I will be offering 2-for-1 training on the popular 12 hour Consciousness Management courses I teach.

This means that each person can go separately (or together) through the full 12 hour course that teaches people the healthiest ways to approach any life challenge. And by presenting the course as a bonus they got for free, the hope is that this format will make it easier for people to both give and receive the course.

In terms of the help it can provide, this course has helped people overcome stress, anxiety, bouts of depression, addictions, self-esteem issues, as well as dating, relationship, and parenting struggles.

We process our entire lives through our consciousness, and this course teaches people to use their consciousness as an intentional tool to build a fulfilling, resilient life.

To take advantage of this offer, simply e-mail me before the end of this week, at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com. Please put ‘COVID RELIEF’ in the subject line, and we can make the necessary arrangements for you and your friend or companion.

I would like to close by thanking you for being a kind and generous, solution-oriented person. Together, we can create a situation that grants access to potentially life-saving care to the people who need it most.

Thank you.

peace. s


Below are some comments on this offer from people who have previously taken this course. You can find more testimonials here.

I have known Scott McPherson now for over 15 years. In that time, he has been a valued teacher, mentor, advisor, creative collaborator, and friend. But he came into my life, unexpectedly, when I was a university student working in retail, with no vision for my future, doubts about my value as a human being, and not much money. When I met Scott, I was sitting in a windowless basement office, with darkness both literally and figuratively hanging over my head, no idea how to improve my situation, and no belief in myself that I should even try.

Scott is one of the most kind, helpful, and easy to talk with people I’ve ever met. You know those people who are deeply purposeful and satisfied with their lives? Scott is one of those people, and within 2 minutes of meeting, I wanted to learn more about whatever he had done to get there. I asked him what he did for a living, and he said he taught people how to be happy. He also, intuiting my circumstances, generously offered to work out a way to help me, a poor student, afford his program when other people who work with him are very wealthy, accomplished, and successful in business and academia.

Working with Scott is very different from other modalities I’ve tried, and to call his course therapy or positive thinking would be a disservice. Whereas therapy teaches you how to fix your problems (when it is effective, which is not always the case), Scott’s courses teach you to recognize the structure of thinking underlying your whole life, so you can deal with the root causes of any situation, not just the symptoms. You learn to take control where you can, and to relax and let go when you have no control. You become more open, intuitive, strong, resilient. People can’t push your buttons because the buttons simply aren’t there anymore. Yet you also stand up and advocate for yourself, and others, in ways you never thought you could before. Really, you become a better human being.

After taking Scott’s course, I passed my courses with excellent grades, I started my dream business (where I’ve done projects across the country, worked with celebrities, won awards, and appeared in magazines, and on radio and TV) and I navigated two difficult births to become a mom to my two gorgeous children. Before I met Scott, I would cry in art class because I didn’t know how I’d fill a sheet of paper with anything worthwhile. After taking his course, I now fill ballrooms and city streets with my art.

I recommend this course to anyone who will listen. If you have even an inkling that there is a better way to live, and even if you don’t, call Scott and take this course. It will change your life.


Like many small businesses, my business was affect by Covid. Not only did my company lose clients but some of my staff members had a hard time adjusting to the new reality of wearing masks, not seeing family and friends, and the constant worry of catching Covid. As a business owner, I felt constrained to help my staff. Sure I could provide masks, sanitizer, more cleaning protocols but I wasn’t equipped to provide them the counselling they needed. With the resources I did have, I decided to call Scott.

Scott had been my personal life coach and professional business coach for 16 years. I knew he could help my staff. And I needed that shift within their mindset, attitude and performance to happen fast because my business depended on everyone being on board. Within sessions of his coaching, I saw a transformational shift in members of my team. It seemed that my staff finally had an understanding for our new work reality. I saw compliance without argument. I saw appreciation for my efforts to provide a safe work place instead of resentment for how I had changed our routine. My staff seemed happier, more resiliently flexible and open minded to working with me on how we needed to constantly improve our service for our clients.

The results were so extreme and financially positive for my business, I had one of my staff members go through Scott’s course twice. Her results were not just noticeable to me but to her family and friends too. That part was probably the most important aspect of her transformation because she could see that her improvement was not just to benefit my company’s bottom line, but also was affecting her personal relationships. Her family started to comment on her “adulting”. It was a personal victory for her.

I’ve gone through Scott’s course several times and had had hundreds of hours of private coaching through out the last decade and a half. It’s the best money I have ever spent. His methods of processing issues work. I am seen as capable by my friends and often I am called when my friends need advice. The last time this happened was during the start of Covid.

One of my best and oldest friends was struggling, just like my staff. Unlike my staff, however, she resisted the help I gave to her. (They didn’t have a choice, she did). For almost a year I had to tell her that she should call Scott. For almost a year I had to tell her she should call Scott because I already spent the money for her course. This whole experience was amazing to me because I couldn’t understand why she would want to stay miserable and defeated when I knew of an answer that could help her in the shortest commitment of time, relative to everything else she was doing. When she finally gave in and called Scott, she asked me why I would do something so kind and so generous. I told her simply was because I loved her and I value wellness. And if I could see changes in my staff, I know she could benefit to.

So what ultimately happened? Within weeks I finally heard my friend again. Not the sad and intoxicated one, but the happy and sober one I knew from my childhood. Thank you Scott!

If you’re reading this and struggling to feel better, my advice is this: don’t wait. Take the first step and value yourself. You are worth investing in. Feeling better doesn’t take years. It just take a call and the first step.


The first time I heard Scott was on CBC Radio while on the slow drive home from work on a snowy winter day. It was one of those few interviews that I felt compelled to investigate further. Listening to it, I marvelled at the different way of reacting to or perceiving situations in a way that would never have occurred to me. That episode kept rising into my conscious thoughts over the following months and each time it left me feeling that I wanted that. I even made my wife listen to it and discuss it with me.

COVID hit the following spring and we all went into lockdown and started working from home. I have always been an anxious person and my high-stress job became even more stress inducing. Dealing with technology issues and workload changes due to layoffs over the next several months brought me to my mental knees. I hit the wall and could no longer function. I sought help from my Doctor, psychological services, reading, and Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT). I grasped for anything I could think of that could possibly help me get rid of my anxiety and return to work as soon as possible. Luckily for me, this was also one of those occasions when that CBC interview floated back into my awareness. I looked up Scott’s website to find courses or anything else that might help. Due to COVID, nothing seemed available. I decided to reach out anyway and was able to connect with Scott to set up some personal sessions. I am skeptical by nature. I really had no idea what to expect other than perhaps a few more mental tools to treat my anxiety.

What is the training like? As far as the mechanics of the training, it consisted of several long, easy-going conversations that took place over socially distanced walks or telephone calls. The conversations were innately non-judgemental and positive. There was the occasional mental game or activity, but mostly it was just visiting and engaging in interesting conversation and observations. In between sessions, there was usually a suggestion to be aware of some aspect of my perceptions or some small activity to practice. None of this required any strong mental effort. For much of the training, that didn’t prevent me from putting pressure on myself to try to remember everything we talked about and stress about ‘doing this right’ or about ‘making enough progress’ – I was just ‘being’ my normal anxious self. As the sessions progressed, the discussions evolved to gently undermine the flaws in the ways I had built my reality and to propose solid and positive ways of redefining it. There were setbacks, but they have so far served to help prove to myself that I can rely on this stronger foundation.

As far as what the training accomplished, this is my interpretation. Scott spent some time getting to know my thought patterns, my perceptions of myself and the world. He found topics to discuss that we could both relate to and were of interest to me. Through analogies and occasional mental activities, he helped me to recognize who “I” am and that “I” am not anxious. Anxious is just something I am working at being during any given moment. During our sessions, I was noticing a lot of informational similarities to what I was learning through the other ways I sought out help. It was like I had the theoretical knowledge but had not been able to connect it to the real world of my mind. I am reminded of the driving lessons I took as a teenager. I had 10 hours of class instructional time followed by 10 hours in the car with the instructor. I already had the theory/class time but was not adept at putting it into practical use. The sessions with Scott are like the time in the car with the instructor. You are the driver of the car that is your reality. He helps you discover where all the controls are from your position in the driver’s seat. The rear-view mirrors are your past and the windshield is your future. The car and the world directly outside your windows are the now. You become aware that you can decide to focus on that ugly pothole in the past and how it damaged your car or, like me, focus anxiously on the oncoming curve that might have black ice and a bigger pothole. That focus to the front or rear-view can take over your now, like it did for me. I have learned to see that I am being anxious about that curve, but now I can choose to relax the death grip on the steering wheel. I can change direction, slow down, or stop. I can take in the scenery around me. I can open the sunroof and roll down the windows so I can feel the hot sun and summer breeze. Beyond what I can see directly in front of me the road ahead is unpredictable. As the driver, I may be able to choose the direction I am headed, but even if I cannot change the outcome, I can choose to be open and find the positive in the moments as they arrive. It is just a curve up ahead.

I am just starting the rest of this journey where I am in the driver seat of this being called me. I am optimistic about where ‘we’ are headed. It feels like I just got my learner’s licence. I am a nervous driver. I am going to make mistakes, but that is OK because I have the basics down and will get better at it. When I get that inevitable flat tire and I need to swap it out in the rain, I will also know that I can choose to notice the smell of fresh air and maybe it will even result in meeting a new friend who decides to stop and help.

I asked for help with anxiety. I got far more than I asked for.

Like the Rolling Stones song goes…” You can’t always get what you want, but… you just might find you get what you need.”

Many thanks, Scott.