The Friday Dose #43

539 Relax and Succeed - Cosmic Girl

Since it’s Halloween it seems appropriate that today should have something to do with that. Since my background is from making films and TV shows, why don’t we start off with some incredible make-up jobs? I’ve worked in that industry for a long time and these are some of the best makeup jobs I’ve ever seen:

Scary Faces


Next we’ll take a look at texting. You would be shocked at how many times I will be working to save a marriage that only came apart because of some text messages (or status updates) being misunderstood. The people’s emotions chain one into the other until I’ll have a couple sitting in front of me as though they hate each other and yet if I track back, essentially nothing has happened other than a misunderstanding. So the two people are the very same people and yet they’ve been duped into thinking they may be wrong for each other on the basis of misreading at text, or because they took one out of its emotional context. Comics Key & Peele do a good job here of illustrating that point:



And since Halloween is a chance for people to be creative, let’s end with Kevin Smith and Zen Pencil’s look at why it’s worthwhile to encourage an artist. I always find it fascinating that the arts get talked about—by non-artists—as though they are trivial, and yet almost everything everyone chooses to do (as opposed to being forced to do, like your job) is based on art. So my one brother claims art has no value in life and yet he’s a car nut who will spend years choosing what body to put on his racecar and what pain scheme to do it in. Well that’s sculpture. And you all listen to music, and you go to movies and watch TV shows and nearly every employee in those huge small businesses will be an artist. You sit on furniture created by a designer, you walk through buildings designed by architects and when you eat at a fine restaurant the chef will be known for his creative work with flavours and textures. Art is all around you. Art is a lot of where the value in life comes from. Maybe look up from your own self-centered thinking and feel better by seeing all of the hard work people have put in to make your world enjoyable. People like Kevin Smith and Gavin Aung Than:

539 Relax and Succeed - Encourage an artist

Happy Halloween!

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