Garbage Thinking

223 Relax and Succeed - A negative thinkerThere is beauty everywhere. It’s merely a matter of how creative you are. Because it does not depend on where you are. It does not depend on who you are with or not with. It does not depend on wealth. It does not depend on status. It only depends on what you choose to place in your consciousness. And if you are active in your search for beauty in this world you will not only find it, but you will get better at finding it the more you do it.

You make all kinds of excuses about why you can’t be happy. You complain about how you want things to be or not-be. You don’t find beauty because you don’t look for beauty. You’re too busy arguing with existence. You have all of these wants and you think you can’t be happy until you achieve them. All that achieving is a whole lot of striving when happiness is right where you are.

223 Relax and Succeed - Be soft Do not let the worldYou say you want peace. You say you want all the noise and busy-ness to stop. You say you want to relax. Okay; then relax. It’s not hard. Just accept that it’s not the outside world you have to win in, it’s the interior one. I know out there is compelling, but beauty is an idea, not a thing. So you can’t make the world more beautiful with different things. You need to focus on different patterns of thought.

Be Pavlovian. When you catch yourself ignoring beauty in favour of conjuring suffering, shift your thinking to something easy to enjoy. Train your mind to make that change. Choose to seek the beauty and it will absolutely become your nature. That is where you started life. Where you learned fast, with no inhibitions. You were brilliant, and you still are. But you have to take that blindfold off. You have to stop your garbage thinking, and instead invest yourself in what is beautiful.

It’s ultimately easy to do. And it’s ridiculously rewarding. And it can turn any situation into one of value, as is clearly evidenced by this video. Here’ one person’s thinking was so healthy that they looked at a landfill and they saw art. Enjoy.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations around the world.