Find Your Calm

I can’t say whether or not an actual study was done, or how robust it may have been. But I do know that anything that takes us out of a sense of ‘me-ness’ is healthy. Focusing on this is to focus on something pleasant, but meaningless to our egos.

There is no way to get this wrong, or to fail, or to misunderstand. It’s just a beaver eating lettuce. But you know, after a bad psychological experience, focusing on a nice Castor canadensis eating some Lactuca sativa may be just the thing to salve your soul.

If you do like this post, you may also want to check out this one—which is a post I did many years ago. It’s one that people still visit regularly. And as is also true in this case, both the sound and the visuals are calming.

Remember how easy it is to create that peace: we need only to reduce our focus down to one calm thing. If that is all that is entering our minds, we will be creating pleasant feelings. These can be like an oasis in your day.

Today, try to make sure you find at least one ‘beaver eating lettuce’ in your day. Learn to develop a keen eye for the calmness in life. It’s often present, but too often it goes unnoticed. Turn your awareness up. Find your calm.

peace. s


P.S. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I make some changes that are designed to help me, be more helpful to you. If you notice anything with the social media feeds, or here on the blog, it’s likely just a byproduct of the other work I’m doing.

For some time I have been debating the use of social media, which is why today’s post migrated from facebook to here. Today’s news about facebook’s and Instagram’s cavalier attitude towards the mental health of its users, runs completely contrary to what I’m trying to accomplish in my own work.

At the same time, if social media is where they are making people feel insecure, maybe that’s exactly where should be. I can see value in both arguments and am currently undecided. But if you have feelings on this issue, please feel free to write me as others have. Other than that, I would just like to thank you for your patience while I make changes. -S