Being with Scott

281 posts later and here we are at a brand new year. To my regular readers I would like to extend a warm thank you. Without you this work would all be for nought. My apologies for the lateness of this particular posting. I was very busy doing the identity shift for this year—I do hope you like the changes.

The first incarnation of the blog was a simple attempt to cover common ground. Every new student wanted to know how I knew what I knew and I literally got bored telling the story and so I thought a blog would permanently take care of it—except half way I got bored writing about myself. And by then I’d realized that you were all telling me what you wanted.

281 Relax and Succeed - And if I could tell you one thingBack when I was creating the first blog I also re-vamped the facebook page. As a result I started posting quotes I liked that I felt were helpful. Some where unhelpful, but I thought there was a good lesson in the quote’s mistake, so I would write a fairly lengthy description with the post for clarity.

The reaction to those descriptions was extremely positive with many of you writing to me to express how valuable you found it to have common quotes disassembled for a closer look.

Since I was not feeling good about the direction the blog was taking –which is my signal to change something– and you signalled me exactly which direction to shift to. And that got us last year’s blog that featured me extrapolating on common social media memes.

Right at the end of the year—thankfully right when I got to the countdown—I began to feel again that a change was in order. Being that the end of the year was coming it seemed like a logical time to shift both the blog’s visual identity and its content, to some degree.

Once again, if the question was—what should the new blog look like?—you answered.

One thing I was really enjoying was using the blog to accomplish two tasks simultaneously. I needed to write blogs, and I had people writing me with questions about quotes they saw on the facebook page that did not include the extrapolations. I answered those questions via the blogs.

At this writing, I’m easily getting enough questions every week to use this as an actual form, so for this year I will be doing a bit of a Dear Abby advice-styled column. The reason this post is called Being with Scott is because I’ll be using this year to answer questions directly.

I got this idea when a regular and enthusiastic reader sent me a question recently, so since she inspired all of this I will begin our new direction tomorrow by answering her most recent question. Thanks Sherry. 😉

Thanks for last year. It was a pleasure getting to work directly with so many of you over the phone and in person. I look forward to sharing more wonderful, heartwarming and successful discussions with you in the New Year!

All the best to you and all those you love,

peace. s