Good morning everyone! Here’s hoping you remembered, (right after you woke up), to set a conscious intention to make today great. If not, we’ll get you back on track now.

Today we’ll do meditation about health. It’s obviously a topic that many people have on their minds thanks to the pandemic. So let’s use that to our advantage.

The opposite of gratitude and appreciation is to take things for granted. Because the brain is based on patterns, this is a very easy trap to fall into.

If we see something positive too often, it’s positivity fades without contrast. Yet, if that positive impact disappears, we can suddenly find it easy to appreciate that the missing part of life has real value. So let’s imagine life being shaken up.

Today’s meditation asks us to think very carefully about what it would be like to catch COVID. Not a serious case, just a middle of the road case. Let’s make it one like a friend of mine has, where we don’t end up in hospital, but we are quite sick, and even a walk from one room to another involves extremely laboured breathing and a rest afterwards.

Our meditation will simply be to plan how we would live for the next three weeks if we could not take care of all of our daily tasks, like getting kids ready, or making meals, or going to appointments.

For many people, a three week interruption would be quite complex and difficult manage. By consciously thinking about what others have had to actually do when they find themselves in that situation, it helps us build empathy with them.

Additionally, the preparation also helps us appreciate how much we actually do unconsciously, and how much we therefore need others we when cannot do those things ourselves. That’s reaffirms that we’re all in life together, which is a second upside.

The third upside is that, once we’ve imagined how complicated the three weeks would be, we learn to appreciate our ability to take care of these daily tasks –an ability that we can easily be taking for granted right now.

We might have historically seen some of these tasks as some of life’s ‘unpleasant’ or ‘mundane’ work. And yet when we can’t do those tasks and life is turned upside down, people will often give anything just to have an unpleasant but predictable work schedule back.

In basic terms, COVID or not, anyone can suddenly have a health outcome that can mean three weeks flat on our back. By meditating on all of the preparation that would be required to allow that to happen, and the assistance from others we would need, we can grow more grateful that we have our plain old life, as is. And that’s the secret to a good life: to appreciate what we already have.

So let’s let’s say we’ve just found out we’re positive, and that it’s taking us to a challenging place quickly. We need our plans for the next three weeks organized before we go to bed. That’s our meditation.

Start that planning. And in doing it, we should notice a rise in gratitude that we are currently in a much simpler, safer and more predictable world.

To appreciate our own lives we must offer ourselves a comparison to how our lives could potentially be. Only then do we have the contrast necessary to really see the value in where we are. Enjoy. And have a wonderful weekend!

peace. s

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