The Friday Dose #76

740 FD Relax and Succeed - Sometimes the smallest stepWe all need to   s l o w d o w n . We need more peace, less thinking. We need less striving and more senseless joy. We have become a cult of efficiency-seeking doers instead of some humans being. Maybe we should start as kids. Here’s three subjects that might be an idea for educators around the world. And if the third point feels uncomfortable, please note that I am using my definition of The Law of Attraction which is unlike many people’s:

3 Subjects Schools Could Teach to Improve the World


And after you grow up you should maintain some sort of contact with the meaningless, rejuvenating tasks you pursued as a child, as is the case with the new and fast-growing trend toward adult colouring books. This is a clever way to get people to volunteer to be secretly mindful:

Colouring Books for Adults Tops Amazon Bestseller List


And finally we’ll close with a nice School of Life breakdown of the life of Siddhartha and the history of Buddhism, which is also a breakdown of the notion of suffering. I suspect you’ll find at least one thing here that will be materially helpful to you as you live your life:

It’s a long weekend here in Canada so if that applies to you then have a wonderful weekend, and if it doesn’t I’ll see you on Monday!

peace everyone. s

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