The Phase Shifter

Please excuse my temporary absence. You would be surprised at how easy it is to be electronically locked out of your own life. I’m reminded that the “banality of evil” was defined as being a form of horribly misguided administration. In a blackly comic way, I have felt like a character in the dystopian film 1984.

Fortunately, this experience has been helpful in that current students are learning how to find and maintain a healthy state of mind by watching me move through one of life’s more serious challenges. In major life moments like these, the management of a person’s consciousness becomes a very obvious thing.

Of course, a ‘tragedy’ is really just a change. What makes it feel ‘tragic’ is that the change shifts us from being content or happy, to being discontent or unhappy. But our negative reactions are only signs of how resistant our thoughts are to reality –they tell us nothing about how truly tragic or happy that reality might ultimately be.

Like staring at a receding dock, if we allow our wanting thoughts, then we suffer –all while wasting valuable lifetime. It is by surrendering to reality that we gain the presence to steer our ship in a favourable direction –a direction we may easily come to prefer over our old one.

In my work, I tend to meet people as they are making these Phase Shift transitions. They happen about six or seven times during the adult portion of our lifetime. But until a student learns to see them as the ‘opportunities’ they always are, they’re often initially viewed as ‘problems’ or ‘crises.’

Experienced through a state of ego, Phase Shifts can trap people in a state of suffering for years. When people talk about not liking their lives, it’s almost always because they are in a Phase Shift, or they are stuck in one. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to successfully make these inevitable life transitions.

No one who is struggling should feel like a failure. Not knowing what to do is not the same thing as being incapable. Ignorance is not stupidity. Successful people are not smarter. But they do often exhibit a more realistic comprehension of reality, and it is beneficial to respond to life with that knowledge.

Don’t waste your life by hating it, or yourself –that’s all just a big misunderstanding. We will all face tragedy. But no conscious person is barred from living the good life. We simply cannot enact ours until we have sufficiently expanded our awareness and understanding about how reality comes to be.

peace. s

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