Other Perspectives #38

516 Relax and Succeed Rebuttal - I saw that

So many people misunderstand ‘Karma,’ and it leads to all kinds of spiritual impediments. Karma is more about the fine line between Yin and Yang than it is about what comes around goes around. This isn’t some system of spiritual justice. Karma exists before duality.

Karma isn’t about ‘wrongs’ being ‘righted’ by ‘goodness.’ That’s a Western idea. There is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ Otherwise, you would have to delay your own living while you wait around for someone to get their comeuppance. That’s not Karma. That’s a sense of reciprocity or even revenge if you add a lot of thought to it.

Karma is more like a wave. It has a crest, but to have that that crest it must also have a trough. We can call those ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ or ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ but that’s just a mental judgment we’re placing over the wave—it’s not the wave itself. And we know that’s true because one person’s crest can easily be another person’s trough.

I hope that helps you understand, because that, (along with Karma Schmarma) has got to be the best description for Karma I’ve ever come up with. Let the past go. Get on with creating today. And make it a great one!

peace. s