Friluftsliv Day

1222 Relax and Succeed - Friluftsliv

Allow this meme to act as a signalas a signin your life. You want to be more peaceful, you want to slow down and reconnect, you want to feel more natural. Well then, start by feeling more of nature itself. Let’s not forget, the concept of cities and buildings are still very new to human beings. A massive part of our brain was built around being outdoors.

Whether it’s a walk to get something we might otherwise drive to, or maybe a lunchtime park-walk with a co-worker, or even just paying a bit more attention to the trees and grass while watching a child play their outdoor sport; the idea is to get our busy egotistical thoughts out of our head, where they create suffering. Instead, we’re better to use our awareness to take in all that nature has to offerincluding more peace of mind.

Make your choice now. Take action to enact that choice at the appropriate time today, and then know that you have taken actual steps forward, toward your psychological and spiritual goals. By simply dedicating some small amount of time to intaking the world rather than filling your consciousness with words, you will gain significant benefits both immediately, and over time. Breathe.

peace. s