Egos and Salespeople

Richard and Alice didn’t even want to be there, but they had been in an accident and they needed to replace their car. They tried being stealthy but the salesman’s training took care of that. He was ready. Everything about his training taught him how to take full advantage of whatever kind of personality was in front of him.

Alice was just as shy as Richard but, for little more than sexist reasons, she pushed–and Richard accepted–the lead shy person’s position and so he’s the one that talked to Sammy. Richard immediately tried to play his cards close to his chest, but all that he and Alice talked about were safety features, so Sammy figured out that scaring them into buying it was the fastest, surest way to sell them a new van that was more expensive than the one they came in for.

Sammy talked about features, but he was sneaky about always adding in little references to how his van had this or that feature that kept them safer than other vans. Half the time Sammy was making the name of the feature up, and he had no idea what the competitors vans had for safety or features, but he knew if he said his was safest and the customers trusted him, then they’d never check. Besides, Mac was the kind of salesman that told the truth about that sort of thing and he was always in trouble with their managers for reading research instead of selling. Sammy didn’t need that hassle. He wanted to be a good employee.

In a short time Sammy had them scared into dealing with him only, and he had scared them into his van specifically, and then he scared them into a price. Of course his manager started them far higher than the monthly payment number they gave him, but that’s how Sammy’s boss contributed to the psychological assault. And that way Richard and Alice are so off balance that they never even noticed that the monthly payments added up to a lot more than the van plus the interest.

For their part, Richard and Alice are legitimately scared. They can’t deal with those other lying, thieving salesmen. Good thing Sammy warned them about them. And it has to be the D-Lux model, not for all of those expensive features, but rather because that’s how they get the best safety equipment. Besides, Sammy had got them such a great deal. (Sammy also made sure they felt in line to have several more accidents during their driving history.) So they felt they had no option except to nearly double their original monthly payment budget.

Once they’d agreed to that, Sammy handed them over to Polly. She’s the dainty, cute girl that works in the finance office. She was going to take care of the “paperwork” with Richard and Alice, and Sammy had told her about his good friends Richard and Alice, so innocent-looking little Polly also knew to tell a bunch of really frightening stories as she recommended various insurance or protection options. Totally scared of theft, accidents, death and every projectile imaginable, Richard and Alice doubled the price of the van again.

Finally they get word back from the bank but now they’re scared again! After all of this work and planning, the bank won’t approve the loan. Oh no! They can’t let the van go now! It’s the last one like it! Of course none of this is true, but with Sammy, Polly and their manager saying it, Richard and Alice panic. Yes, of course they’ll pay more!

Boom. Polly got her bonus–because had they not been willing to pay more, then the interest rate problem would have suddenly been solved by Polly’s genius instead or Richard’s wallet. So in the end, Richard and Alice got the van that will destroy their future finances and they’re even relieved to have it. They’re so grateful to Sammy for focusing on their safety and not their wallets that they’re planning on sending him business.

On a sidenote, when they picked up their van, Richard and Alice were so excited and happy that they didn’t even notice Mac, the honest salesman, being escorted out of the building with his belongings. Which was too bad for Mac, because the next day he ended up missing out on the free cake to celebrate Sammy’s win as Employee of the Month.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

Cause and Effect

208 Relax and Succeed - The seeds of wisdomWhy do things happen? What is the Law of Attraction? Is compassion always the right answer?

The fact is, the math in this beautiful short film below is very straightforward. The story may feel convenient, but it is both truly possible and completely logical.

For dramatic purposes this storyline does double back on itself, but in reality most of these cases would feature people who would be paying something forward to a different person, who in principle represented the same ideas. So if you got picked on as a kid, you’ll be extra patient and you’ll be extra helpful to any kids who you see getting picked on, not just ones that are directly linked to your personal past.

A better world is only a few decisions away. 7 billion people just being a little bit kinder, a little more patient, a little more helpful, a little more generous, and a little more loving—that can make a world of difference.

208 Relax and Succeed - Imagine a world
No seriously. Do it.

Remember, buckets are filled with drops. So don’t tell me about how crappy the world is. Use that same energy to care for another person. Because when we do that, 7 billion tiny acts adds up to one really big change.

Whether you want to accept it or not, this is how the world really works. You are a key architect of the world you live in. And we share that responsibility as a larger society. So let’s start living a better life by planting the most profitable crop for our soul and our psyche.

Stop focusing on gaining happiness by working harder, accomplishing more, or having more money. Because people can do all of that and their product can be war, or guns, or high interest loans. That single-minded material greed clearly hasn’t lead to much happiness for a lot of the world, so let’s build the society we want to live in by sewing seeds of love and compassion at every opportunity.

Don’t complain about the world and wish it was better. Love the world as a verb and it will become better. It really is that easy.

Create a beautiful day. Create a beautiful life. Create a beautiful world. And you can start right now, with the person closest to you. Enjoy.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is a writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.