The Friday Dose #65

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Happy Friday to you! So many people are so stressed by debt that today’s posts are going to be about how to live in a simpler, less stressful, more cooperative and more connected way than you currently are. Let’s start off with a link to an article in the BBC News Magazine by writer James Wallman, the author of Stuffocation: Living More With Less.

The Hazards of Too Much Stuff


Now that we know our motivation, how do we get around the habits of our brains so that we can really do something about it? For this we’ll link to Lifehacker’s Patrick Allan for his piece:

How to Program Your Mind
To Stop Buying Crap You Don’t Need


And let’s finish off with this nice little five minute Graham Hill piece on living with less stuff and more peace.

[ted id=1238]


You don’t need to be surrounded by things or status. Your friends love you when you’re camping and you have bacon beer breath and dirty clothes and you slept on the dirt in a bag. Have less stuff have more fun and remember, life isn’t for collecting, it’s for living.

peace. s

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