The Resolution Revolution

The problem isn’t you. It’s not your psychology, or your history. It’s not sociology or politics. All of our individual and group struggles are rooted in basic misunderstandings about how reality is formed.

I realize that is a bold assertion, so I will commit to solidly proving that is true using irrefutable examples from your own life. In the end, I suspect you’ll have a harder time accepting reality, than I will have in proving that it exists as defined.

Of course, other teachers like Robert Pirsig, or Eckhart Tolle, and many others, have also shared this truth. But I’ve recently realized that, for them, it was like a ‘second language’ that they acquired as adults. If I have any advantage in explaining ‘reality,’ it’s that I had my accident at five years old. So ‘reality’ is my ‘first language.’ And that familiarity is invaluable when it comes to clearly explaining how reality works in scientific, religious, or even kid-friendly terms.

Also, thanks to the pandemic and my mother’s dementia, I now have a much better idea of what it might be like to grow up with an abusive ego that you believe is charge of you, instead of you being in charge of it. And additionally, some recent developments about reality from neuroscience, philosophy and physics will be helpful when it comes to helping people to accept this much more accurate and helpful description of reality.

Do not underestimate what can happen in your life or in this world. We have not yet begun to access all that we can be. So let’s not just change ourselves. Let’s change the world. I promise, I’ll make the explanations of these ideas simple enough that I was able to understand them as a little kid. And this version of reality will answer all of the questions that your other reality couldn’t.

If you’re ready for a new way to live, join me here on Monday, where I will undertake the writing of a book that will contain my most complete description of reality thus far. In keeping with reality, this won’t have some shiny start, nor will it appear all polished, because that’s the sort of showmanship that misleads people about reality.

This will be written in the real world, where we are all dealing with a pandemic, and I have my parent’s dementia to look after. So my apologies for any inconsistencies in its delivery, as I fit the work in when I can. But, in the end, I’ll admit that I do like that things have worked out like this. The creation of the book about reality should not start its life by trying to make reality appear to be better, or different than it really is. There is no need to do that when reality itself is so generous and beautiful.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

peace. s